And This … Is Dudes Review Idol


This all started as a joke.

Three years ago my buddies and I started sending each other Facebook messages about American Idol. It was pretty funny, and then we noticed we’d have a bunch of friends and friends of friends liking comments and chiming in. So we created a now-defunct Facebook page – Dudes Review Idol – where we’d drink and start chatting about what we were seeing. After two hours of drinking, some of the comments got a little raunchy, so we had to delete the page because it was interferring with real life.

Last year we started the drunk Twitter feed. It was fun, we had some interactions with all sorts of people, including past and then-present contestants, media members and other bands and singers that you’ve actually heard of.

This blog is the next step.

If you’re finding us for the first time, welcome and dear god I hope you’re of age where you can deal with a lot of cussing. If you were a fan on the Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, you know what to expect.

The hope is with this blog we’ll be able to get a little more involved in breaking things down.

For us, American Idol isn’t about the singing as much as it is about the competition. You’ll read a lot of entertainment blogs that will tell you who’s the best singer. We like to take it a little further.

Winning Idol isn’t about voice anymore. That stopped once David Cook played Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby;” since then it’s been a show about music, except for last year when the producers decided to eliminate music and let a bunch of mediocre singers ruin the show. Ratings proved as much.

We’re not kind to the contestants just to be kind. If someone sucks, we’ll say why they sucked, why they’re going to continue to suck and what they could do if they wanted to not suck. During the tryouts we won’t analyze much, but once the contestants get whittled down, expect this site to read like a sports website; we’re going to break down the game to its simplest form, analyze everything they show and make our picks.

And we’re going to do it drunk.

OK, not all the time.

We’ll live tweet during every show, enjoying quite a few cocktails and making more than a few inappropriate jokes. The next day, we’ll follow up with commentary on the previous episode and on days when there’s no shows, we’ll try to post whatever Idol news crosses our paths.

If you ever want to reach out, contact us on Twitter @DudesReviewIdol or email at If you happen to be a website pro and want to make our site not look like an aborted baby, we could use the help.

It’s going to be a good season – thank god for the music – and we’re excited for it to start.
Hopefully we won’t suck.