He Has Returned!

I don't know how you don't vote for a dude with a Gumby haircut

I don’t know how you don’t vote for a dude with a Gumby haircut

ORLANDO – If you like to follow local talent on singing contests, you’ll want to catch “American Idol” this week.

Mount Dora’s David Oliver Willis, who made it to the “Idol” Top 40 last year and was eliminated in the Las Vegas rounds, will be featured in the Detroit show on Wednesday. Emily Piriz of Orlando can be seen in the Atlanta episode on Thursday.

So instead of watching my 2-year old I’m scouring the interwebs for Idol news and this popped up in my search on the Googles.

If you don’t remember DOW, he’s the original B(lack)GWG and the one who got boned by the producers judges last year as they did everything possible to make sure anyone who could play a guitar didn’t get on the show. He was Top 40, then got eliminated in bullshit fashion.

Good news is he’s young, he’s talented and knows his way around a music room (not like the chick in American Pie). He’s a wholesome dude so he probably tells everyone he hates our support but he loves it and says seven Hail Mary’s to cleans himself from our evil sins.

He’s a lock for the finals. He’s really the first black Idol contestant I can remember that played a guitar (not a bass one, either) and based on the YouTubes, he’s good on the keys and had a voice sent down from God herself.

His appearance is perfectly timed, because it’s gonna make me forget about what happened Sunday real fast.