Cashing Out: Watt is Going On?

Bryan Watt was C$'s big winner last night, but looks like a straight-up serial killer here.

Bryan Watt was C$’s big winner last night, but looks like a straight-up serial killer here.

1) Missing the Rejects
I wish they would sprinkle in a little bit more of the really shitty singers, 3 just isn’t enough. Plus if you didn’t have these, where would William Hung or the Pants on the Ground guy be?

2) The Con-man
I can’t tell if I really like Connick or I think he’s a dbag. The way he makes fun of contestants is weird and uncomfortable. He’s like Michael Buble, where the women think he’s so cute and sweet but behind the scenes he’s a whisky drinking, swearing a-hole who is cocky as shit. Speaking of Buble.

3) Melanie Porras
She killed it with Buble (Editor’s Note: CMoney failed music history) and then into “Dead or Alive”. Unfortunately, “Dead or Alive” will always be stuck in my head as a Rock Band song and when she was singing, all I could see were colored squares moving up my TV. I think she’ll make top 40. She has the cute card, but not too over the top pretty so she intimidates the female vote.

4) Ethan Harris
Weird hipster, that seems to be in these days. The PBR crowd will vote for him.

5) Twinsanity
The two black sisters (Tia and Tamara style), were straight laughable. Their dad must be so proud that his daughters turned into neck-tat tramps in the “entertainment business” (wink, wink). As someone on my Twitter wrote “SWV – Sisters Without Voices”… Amen.

6) Repeat offender
Marialle – what the F is this crap? She gets on two weeks in a row? She looks like a ghetto Miley Cyrus. Even sounds like her… I think the editing guys need to do a little better job in hand-feeding us who’s going to make the Top 20.

7) Winner of the Day
Bryan Watt, just awesome. One of the best song choices doing Underwood (zing!). Other Winner of the day is me. I got to hear plenty of Mayer and even had Urban play guitar during “Waiting on the World.” Awesome. As the Captain wrote last night, “if they have Mayer week in Hollywood, my head my explode.”

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