Cashing Out: I Love Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls

Oh Yeah Omaha was awesome

Oh Yeah Omaha was awesome

Omaha, Omaha! Ah Nebraska, the home of Ed Perkins who invented Kool-aid in 1927. How else could we celebrate hot summer days with packets of colored sugar.

The last day of the audition period is like the last preseason football game. Everyone is excited to kick off the regular season and everyone thinks this is their year. On to the action…

1) On the Road Again
Simon Hauck – awesome clothes, killer ‘stache, made me laugh even though he sounded identical to Willie Nelson. I’d love to drink moonshine with this cat and sing karaoke. Sad to see him not make it.

2) Ladies Night
The ladies tonight completely slayed it. I felt like every 10 minutes there was a chick who blew my mind. There were three in particular who are locks for Top 20.

3) Tessa Kate

She has such a cool vibe, is herself, loves amusement parks which I do too. Who doesn’t? She will be very appealing to a lot of people. The tats tell me she likes to get a little crazy and the carousel in the background tells me she would make a great mom. Definitely a confusing message, but one that I embrace.

4) Madisen Walker

LOVE HER. Much like Kenz Hall the night before, these two teens totes magotes or whatever tweens say is great. She could be Kenz’s twin both by looks and in talent.
I’m actually hoping they have a duet sometime during Hollywood week. Just awesome.

5) Winner of the Night

Alyssa Siebken – our unofficial official real-life endorser – I think. I think she said she wanted to drink Coors Light Smoothies with The Captain last night on Twitter and that’s as good as saying she would represent She has such an awesome groovy personality. I want to build a treefort with her, then play tag and then talk about what we want to be when we grow up. She’s like Joey in Dawson’s creek and I want to be James Van Der Beek. I hope she goes far. At this rate I could see an all-girl top 10. Very impressive.

6) Secret lovers?
Lastly, not sure I got the connection with Jolie from Jolie and the Wanted and Urban. Were they trying to tell us that Urban was Quaid’s dad? If so … AWKWARD! (or Awks for the hip cats).

Anyway, next week is the real deal, regular season action, can’t wait to see the best 212 duel it out. There will definitely be some tears and some elation and that’s what makes Idol what it is. Also am excited for whatever new format shows up. I have a feeling its one on one battles 8 Mile style. See you next week!