Want to know who’s going to win Season 13 of American Idol? We’re going to tell you

In a couple of weeks, you’re gonna read a lot of predictions about who’s going to win American Idol. Once they knock the field down to 15 guys and 15 girls, and then to the final 10, it’s really not that hard to put together a guess.

And that’s why we’re doing something different.

We’re making predictions right now.

Before the start of Hollywood Week, we’re going to break down what we’ve seen. We’ll give you the Top 15 guys, the Top 15 girls, then narrow those down to a Top 13. From there, we’ll eliminate contestants until we get our winner.

This is an insane task, especially basing everything off the 20 seconds (if that) of an audition and only seeing half of the contestants that could possibly win. This is trying to predict the 2015 NCAA Tournament right now. This is breaking down next year’s Super Bowl.

But this is fun.

Ultimately, American Idol is a competition and the point of competition is trying to figure out who is going to win and why it is going to happen, then see if you’re as smart as you think you are.

So everyone knows where we’re coming from, these picks are not necessarily who we like to advance. This is who we think the judges/producers will put through (producers have roles to fill; you’ll read about that in the guys breakdown), then how we’re predicting America will vote (and that’s even harder to do without seeing another performance). Who we want to win and who we think will win are two different things. Philip Phillips was a no-brainer choice to win two years ago; my pick was Elise Testone, because I though America would tire of the WGWG act. Then Elise crapped the bed picking songs and it turns out America fucking loves WGWGs.

My hope is that out of the Top 30, we nail at least half the field and in the Top 13 I’d like to get at least seven. From there, all bets are off. Let’s see how this goes.

In the coming hours, you’ll get a guys prediction, a girls prediction and then a Top 13 predicition. Tomorrow we’ll have the breakdown of who’s going to be the next Idol.