Hollywood Nights: Hangarin’ by a Moment


Confession time.

It snowed a shit-ton during the AM commute so my wife (who’s out the door as soon as Madelyn Patterson says so) caught a ride to work from her dad in his man-truck, forcing me to pick her up when she gets out of work, which is conveniently at 8 p.m. (by conveniently I mean “totally fucking up my night”)

That means I didn’t get to enjoy The Hangar as much as I should have and definitely didn’t enjoy “The Buses of Doom.” I was just watching quick, fast forwarding and making sure my Top 15 Guys and Top 15 Girls picks got through.
Super PS – much love to everyone who found the site today. We literally did 6x the traffic we normally do. I’m sure it happened from our constant pestering of teenage girls (No Pervo) but it was really cool this afternoon – after I shoveled the driveway like a fucking champ while my daughter played in the snow, BOOM DADDYDAYCARE – to see our traffic double from pre-shovel to post shovel. Pass the word on. I swear we’ll be fun to follow this year.

So “The Hangar” seemed awesome. Much better than “The Chamber” which couldn’t have smelled good (waiting for my first contestant followed to DM me the inside info on the stank in there).

Picking Idol contestants is like picking out a new couch. And this is coming from a guy who sat on 40-plus couches Saturday, looking for the perfect one. All I need is a few seconds. It’s yes or no and you’re through. Harry Connick nailed it – they’re looking for a superstar, not someone who might be a superstar. That’s the thing about Hollywood Week – things change.

I was kinda confused about Seacrest’s explanation at first, but it made sense. I love putting the borderline contestants on the line and forcing them to really get to Hollywood and prove their audition wasn’t bullshit.
And PS – J-Lo with the bare midriff? Boner City, population me 15 years ago.

I was not excited to see a bunch of my faves in the Hangar. But I was excited when I saw them perform.

(PS Making my bold predictions before Hollywood Week changed the game for me. It made me hang on every performance knowing I wanted my bracket to be fucking perfect. I didn’t need a 2-seed losing in the first round. I didn’t need the 5 performing well and beating the 12. And if you don’t get those analogies, you don’t get how Dudes Review Idol works).

It was cool seeing some faces I hadn’t seen during auditions. The Hangar was cool because I felt like it forced contestants to bring the pain (that’s a Method Man reference).

What I was most pleased to see was my picks perform. I loved Alyssa Siebken going w/out a guitar. That shows she knows how to play the game. I loved seeing Adam Roth coming out of nowhere and doing the best version of “Radioactive” we’ve seen.

I wasn’t pumped to see some of the people I liked in auditions not do well – Caitlin Johnson collapsed, my girl Lauren Ogburn didn’t make it, but I was really bummed to see Johnny Newcomb not make the cut. Good news is he’s young and the better news is I left myself a backdoor pick if he didn’t make it (cue me starting the Briston Maroney bandwagon!).

The cuts weren’t surprising when you saw the shitty singers go to the shitty bus and good singers go to the good one.

First night of Hollywood is always awesome. Love the sing, step up or step back move. Cut or stay. Just brutal, but it’s what the show is all about.

I’ll get more into the performances tomorrow – I was rushed tonight, so it all blended together – but we got a glimpse of Group Night, which is always THE BEST.

It is bullshit that we only have an hour tomorrow, but I love that the show is really hitting it’s mark.
These two weeks are gonna fly and we’ll be at the Top 30 in no time, then the live shows when I start doing ca-caine right off my living room table (that’s not true).

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