Daily Archive: February 8, 2014

Clay Aiken running for Congress, hoping Ruben doesn’t run too

When I read Clay Aiken was running for Congress, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Famous people always run for offices they’re not qualified for because why not. Then… Continue reading

Guess who just won American Idol Season 13 thanks to Ellen DeGeneres?

We’re not out of Hollywood Week yet and we’ve already found out who won the show. It’s Jessica Bassett. Jessica fucking Bassett. Remember her? She was a hippie-looking chick who did an original… Continue reading

Don’t Cross Michael Orland, the toughest dude on American Idol

I want to tell you about the biggest badass on American Idol. It’s Michael Orland. Legit terrifying. For the uninformed, he’s the pianist (don’t laugh at the word; he’ll find you and cut… Continue reading

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