Idol’s Carrie Underwood + Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick = Best. Time. Ever.

Really want to be BFFs with these BFFs.

Really want to be BFFs with these BFFs.

What I would have done to hang out with Former Idol winner Carrie Underwood and Anna Kendrick, who probably would have won Idol if she chose singing over being a movie star, at NY Fashion Week

-Sing “Last Name” at a karaoke bar and follow it with a “Cups (When I’m Gone)” encore, complete with cups
-Watch Pitch Perfect all day on Super Bowl Sunday
-Become a vegetarian
-Fight Mike Fisher and refuse to go to the hospital afterward
-Give up all foods/drinks that start with the letter B, which happens to be my favorite things (burritos, broccoli, beer)

Obviously The ‘Wood is the premiere act, but I can’t think of any chick in Hollywood I’d rather hang out with than AK. And yes, I’m basing this completely on her ‘Pitch Perfect’ character and her Twitter feed. For example:

It sounds like the two had a good time. The ‘Wood is the straight act, Kendrick brings the funny.

Hoping I get the invite next year.

The Captain