Daily Archive: February 10, 2014

Eric Cartman came up with Colton Dixon’s new album cover

I don’t want to say Colton Dixon needs to fire everyone who came up with this cover idea, but if they still have a job I’d be shocked. It’s not so much an… Continue reading

Is Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry’s return to Idol a bad idea? Do Lambert and Daughtry’s groupies use different bathrooms?

The Hollywood Reporter – The live shows on American Idol are inching closer, but before the top contestants go before an audience, they have to get through a new competition phase called Randy Jackson’s “Boot Camp.” Helping with the… Continue reading

Fox’s president sounds like a lunatic when he talks about American Idol

Digital Spy – American Idol is “winding down” and in a “transition” period, according to 21st Century Fox president Chase Carey. The talent show, which has dominated the TV landscape for over a decade, will no longer… Continue reading

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