Fox’s president sounds like a lunatic when he talks about American Idol

Hot bitches in sequins. This is why Idol's ratings are going to be lower this year.

Hot bitches in sequins. This is why Idol’s ratings are going to be lower this year.

Digital Spy – American Idol is “winding down” and in a “transition” period, according to 21st Century Fox president Chase Carey. The talent show, which has dominated the TV landscape for over a decade, will no longer be the main driving force for the Fox network. “We know American Idol is winding down,” said Carey in a conference call detailing the company’s latest quarterly results, adding that ratings have “fallen faster than we hoped”.

Let the American Idol bashing begin.

Ratings for the best non-sports competition show on TV aren’t where they were when the show was at their peak, so of course the idiots are out in full force. It’s not good when Fox’s president says “We know American Idol is winding down,” and the ratings have “fallen faster than we hoped,” but that’s like all the people in New England who bitch about the Patriots and their failures of not being the best in the NFL, just one of the best.

Idol’s ratings are going to take a massive hit this season and there’s nothing they can do about it. The Olympics are going to steal viewers and become the channel for background noise.

But Idol’s Hollywood Week ratings are up from last year and did much better than the season premiere. Fox doesn’t like the numbers, but there’s a simple solution: STOP SHOWING THE FUCKING AUDITIONS.

The original auditions have clearly run their course. It’s a good way to get some people in the door, but most of the people who watch the show are more excited about Hollywood Week.

So how about three weeks of auditions, we get four weeks of Hollywood where they show us all the competition. Or they add a fourth judge to auditions, have a bye and force the “maybe” contestants to perform in “The Hangar” or in “The Chamber” or “Outside Naked on a Street While Drunks Throw Nickels At Them.”

People aren’t showing up for the early auditions for the same reason people don’t watch preseason football. It’s meaningless. Once shit gets real, the viewers will be there. The numbers are going to go up, but because they won’t be where they were six or seven years ago – when the competition was terrible and nobody even bothered to compete – it’s going to be a failure for Fox.

It’s still better than anything else they put on the network.

Except Brooklyn 99. Andy Samberg is hilarious.

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