Is Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry’s return to Idol a bad idea? Do Lambert and Daughtry’s groupies use different bathrooms?

"I'll take the one with the nice ass."  "Which one is that Adam? They both have nice asses." "The one with the balls."

“I’ll take the one with the nice ass.”
“Which one is that Adam? They both have nice asses.”
“The one with the balls.”

The Hollywood Reporter – The live shows on American Idol are inching closer, but before the top contestants go before an audience, they have to get through a new competition phase called Randy Jackson’s “Boot Camp.” Helping with the crash course in pop stardom? Two exciting camp counselors: season eight’s Adam Lambertand season five’s Chris Daughtry. The shows will air beginning Feb. 18 for a special three-night run, according to Daughtry, who tweeted the reveal. Daughtry first let the cat out of the bag with a picture of the two that included a simple message: “Hanging with @Adamlambert at the #idol workshop. Glad to be back! Stay tuned…”

This is not a good idea.

If you’re a contestant, do you want to get coached by the greatest Idol to ever play the game? Adam Lambert is held in high authority around these parts because he set the blueprint of what to do to win – not give a fuck, rearrange a song and do your own version of it, and give less fucks. He can’t just say “do what I did” because nobody is that good. Michael Jordan doesn’t show up and say “play like I played” because he’s been doing that with the Bobcats and they are turrible.

I don’t know if Chris Daughtry is going to be much help either. What’s he going to tell contestants? “You know that grunt you make when you have to unload a huge Taco-Bell induced dump? Sing like that. Gold.” That ain’t gonna work for the WGWG, the dude with the wispy mustache or the 600 black girls doing bad Beyonce impressions.

The Captain

PS If you think Randy Jackson’s “Boot Camp” is going to be a complete and utter disaster, you are 100 percent correct. Randy is going to show up dressed like one of the dudes from the Archie comics, slappa da bass a couple times, shout dawg and give zero useful advice except showing people how to match your eyeglasses to your watch.