American Idol is restricting voting except not really

Voting online = lame. Duh.

Voting online = lame. Duh.

AJCThis season, “Idol” for the first time is limiting voting to 50 votes per contestant per each method. Most other shows, such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” already limit voting.

People are losing their shit over this. “I WANTED TO VOTE ALL NIGHT FOR HUNKY MCHUNKERSON OR TITTIES MCGILLICUTTY! NOOOOO! U SUCK IDOL” is pretty much how everyone is reacting to the news that American Idol is restricting voting this season.

Wait … you can still vote 50 TIMES? PER DEVICE?

Let me break this down for you – you can vote 50 times from your cell phone, then 50 from your home phone, 50 times on Idol’s website, 50 times on the Idol app and 50 on Facebook. So that’s not limiting you to 50 votes; that’s limiting you to 200 or more, depending on how many cell phones, computers or Facebook accounts you have. And if you vote that many times you’re a fucking pyschopath.

If American Idol truly prided itself on picking America’s best performer using the democratic process, they’d allow one vote per person. You’d enter your social security number, you’d vote, process over. None of this voting 100 times things. Teenage girls and old moms/young grandmas have way to much time on their hands and will vote non-stop (although the OM/YGs usually need someone to explain to them that an app isn’t always fried cheesy sticks at TGIF.
My voting record is clean. Never voted, never will. Some call it journalistic integrity, I just call it not being a chick.

-The Captain

PS My integrity can be bought by any of the Idol contestants. I accept follows, retweets and name dropping us on live shows.