Daily Archive: February 13, 2014

Golden Ticket: Idol judges need to explain the unexplainable

Want to know why American Idol is struggling in the ratings and is losing viewers every year? Tonight’s episode showed why. This is not the best 15 guys and 15 girls the show… Continue reading

Captain’s Corner: On Judgment Night American Idol lost its virginity because now it’s Emmanuel

Last night could have gone better. It’s hard to have a problem with who got in, unless you made pre-Hollywood picks and were totally and drunkenly upset that so-and-so went in over someone… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: Idol judges have lost their damn minds

Want my honest reaction after tonight’s American Idol? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. To quote Tag Team, whoomp, there it is. We’re at the point where every pick is, or at least… Continue reading

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