American Idol’s Top 5 Girls … I think

Being on XFactor is like being in the minor leagues; Jillian Jensen is ready for the big leagues.

Being on XFactor is like being in the minor leagues; Jillian Jensen is ready for the big leagues.

Picking the girls is impossible.

America has such an inconsistency when it comes to voting girls though. It really depends on who is manning the phones that night.

I could see three powerful voices get in with Jillian Jensen and Kenzie Hall joining them. I could see Jena Asciutto getting in with Kristen O’Conner and MK Nobilette. In all honesty, there isn’t a combination that would surprise me unless it didn’t include Jillian and Kenzie, who I think are locks – Jillian for her already-built-in-fan-base and Kenzie because she’s going to win the show.

Here are my pre-show predictions for Top 5 girls. Come Wednesday I’ll recap the show and have my predictions for the guys. Before Thursday’s results, I’ll have my Top 5 guys and Top 5 girls predictions, as well as who I think will get the wild card spots.

1) Jillian Jensen
BRIEFLY: She’s not playing on an even field. First, producers rarely showed her this season, so that hurts. Of course, they didn’t show her because she was on the X-Factor and has a huge fan base already. With the numbers she’s carrying, I can’t see her not getting vote in.
STRENGTHS: Musicianship and experience. Having been on an Idol copycat, she’ll know how to handle the pressure.
WHY WE’RE WRONG: Turns out she wasn’t robbed on her past show. She’s just bland and boring.
WHY WE’RE RIGHT: Seriously? All the other contestants are carrying around 5K twitter followers. Jillian’s got 60K. That alone wins it for her.

2) Kenzie Hall
BRIEFLY: She’s American’s Sweetheart. She’s the cute girl nobody hates, has a voice that shouldn’t be original but definitely sounds a little different than most teenyboppers, and she’s got some showmanship. JBAS HOF.
STRENGTHS: Youth and innocence. She can play the cutesy element up and people are going to melt in her hands.
WHY WE’RE WRONG: Her inexperience bites her in the ass and she melts down on stage.
WHY WE’RE RIGHT: She’s got so much balance. Every time they show her singing, she’s doing something different and her “bad” moments on the show have been better than some of the Top 15’s good ones.

3) Bria Anai Johnson
BRIEFLY: She wears ridiculous lipstick. Her mom is a potential psychopath. But her voice. Good god. It’s stop-in-your tracks good. Of the black girls with big voices on the show, she’s the best.
STRENGTHS: Her voice. It’s straight powerful and it’s perfect for a one-night, need-it-to-get-in performance.
WHY WE’RE WRONG: She picks the wrong song or a song nobody should ever do – Heart, Whitney, etc. – and doesn’t do it well.
WHY WE’RE RIGHT: There’s going to be at least one big voice in the show, if not two. She’s the one. It’s close between her and Briana Oakley, but Bria Anai’s just bigger.

4) Majesty Rose
BRIEFLY: She’s eccentric, and by eccentric I mean she’s not what most people think of when they think of a black singer on American Idol. She’s got a cool, mellow look and she can play the guitar well enough to make people take a second look.
STRENGTHS: Compared to the rest of the field, she’s unique. Sure, there’s other GWGs, but there white girls. And they’re super pretty. And America really only puts through white girls with guitars if they’re homely looking.
WHY WE’RE WRONG: She’s too passive and doesn’t bring the kind of performance that gets people excited to vote for her, so instead they vote for pretty white girls.
WHY WE’RE RIGHT: She’s done such a good job, at least from what we’ve been shown, understands what her strengths are and how to make herself sound good. That will play well tonight.

5) Jena Asciutto
BRIEFLY: Geena Gina Jena a piano-playing, artsy chick with a voice that can sound like she’s smoked a couple packs of Newports. She’s got a very non-heroin-addicted Amy Winehouse vibe about her.
STRENGTHS: She’s not Jillian Jensen or Kenzie Hall, the type of girl that people notice first because of how she looks. You can close your eyes and say “Holy jesus that girl can sing.”
WHY WE’RE WRONG: This is a total shot-in-the-dark pick. There’s always one person who gets in that make people go “huh?” That’s not saying she’s not talented enough, but based on America’s past voting patterns, this could be Briana Oakley’s spot.
WHY WE’RE RIGHT: Idol needs a performer like her to get through. She’ll pick the home run song, nail it, and get in.

So there they are. In case you were wondering, my post-audition, pre-Hollywood picks didn’t go horribly. I’m hoping to hit four of these five, but given the format, three will make me parade about the interwebs trolling all the other so-called “experts.”
Don’t forget to follow us on twitter as we live tweet the shows – @DudesReviewIdol – but it will be just me for tonight because my man CMoney welcomed a son into the world earlier today. We’ll have some posts up tomorrow with recaps and predictions. Can’t wait.