Daily Archive: February 19, 2014

Golden Ticket: American Idol Guys Top 10 getting down and Dirty, South

The South has risen. It didn’t take a genius to realize that, with five Southern-based country/rock singers in the Top 15, they were going to be well represented in tonight’s American Idol Guys… Continue reading

American Idol’s Top 10 Guys … I think

Think American Idol predictions are easy? Try doing them. Picking five guys from 15 isn’t difficult. You can figure out who America will vote for based on past tendencies, past performances and guessing… Continue reading

American Idol Top 15 Girls: Circle everyone’s fat, because it’s Rush Week!

There’s no point in getting hysterical over last night’s results. Those hysterics are better for instant reaction and a day later, are as useful as Randy’s Boot Camp (boom, roasted). Failure is probably… Continue reading

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