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American Idol Top 13 LIVE: Rock out with your Idol out

Well American Idol started slow, found some nice performances and was going just fine but NOW I WANT TO SHOTGUN BEERS, BLOW SOME LINES AND ROCK MY ASS OFF!!!!!!! Thanks Caleb Johnson. I… Continue reading

Who is going to win Season 13 of American Idol? It’s easy. Ben Briley.

REASONS: It is entirely possible producers had a feeling Neco Starr or Briley would end up in the Top 5 and both would make a run to the final. So put them up… Continue reading

Your American Idol Season 13 Runner Up Is … Alex Preston

REASONS: You know who loves to overthink the obvious? THIS GUY. I had Alex slotted as the winner of Season 13 before I stopped and said “Fuck it.” He’s the most musically talented… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13 Top 3: MK Nobilette

REASONS: This is one of those picks I could live to regret. I think she’s good enough to get this far and could even do better. America seems to love her. She’s going… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13 Final Four: CJ Harris

REASONS: Of the six guys, he’s got the best voice. It’s not close. Caleb Johnson is all power, Ben Briley and Dexter Roberts sound like a lot of country guys, Alex Preston and… Continue reading

Will Malaya make the Top 5? Hell yeah she will.

REASONS: Hey. How’d she get here? Here’s the thing – one of these 13 people is going to surprise everyone into the top five. And I’m picking Malaya. She showed off her voice… Continue reading

America goes bezerk: No. 6, Sam Woolf

REASONS: I know what you’re thinking. WHOA! He’s the online gambling favorite to win the show, but here’s the dirty little secret – what he showed the other night singing “Babylon” makes me… Continue reading

Halfway home: No. 7, Emily Piriz

REASONS: This pick could be way to high or way too low. She’s an anomoly because she is exactly what the producers want in an “American Idol” – she’s young, can sing, can… Continue reading

Eighth is not so greath: Caleb Johnson

REASONS: At some point the judges are going to turn on him. It’s clear they don’t like him. Connick’s going to start spouting about how he’s all show and no substance, Urban’s gonna… Continue reading

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