First out: Kristen O’Connor

KO's may be getting KO'd this week.

KO’s may be getting KO’d this week.

REASONS: I feel bad for KO because the odds are not in her favor. For one, she was horrible in the wild card auditions and based on that, shouldn’t have been in. We know she wasn’t a Top 5 vote and felt so much like a producer’s pick I could have sworn they showed her as one of the Top 13 before they even named names.
WHY WE’RE IDIOTS: You can’t win the show in Week 1, but you can certainly make a name for yourself. KO needs to go big right off the bat. She needs to do Alone, Whitney, Adele and nail it. The pretty white girls who can sing that have survived have all blown the doors off of Week 1 and then they gain momentum and end up doing well on the show. If she nails it tonight, she’ll be in for the long haul.
WHY WE’RE NOT: After last season’s lack of WGWGs or any Gs for that matter, I have a feeling this season isn’t going to go well if you don’t have an instrument attached to your body and, based on the reaction when she got in last week, the Twitterverse wasn’t exactly pleased at her selection.
WHY WE’RE ROOTING FOR HER: This is Dudes Review Idol. Hot chicks aren’t a bad thing.