No. 11: Jena Irene Asciutto

I'm gonna miss making the jokes about her name every week.

I’m gonna miss making the jokes about her name every week.

REASONS: Poor Geena Gina Jena. She was a wild card choice, so that’s a huge problem. She’s also not a pretty pop princess. That’s another problem. She’s the kind of performer that needs time to grow on an audience but with an influx of quality contestants in genres that do well in voting (country and WGWGs) she’s going to get voted out before she can really gain momentum.
WHY WE’RE IDIOTS: If she comes out and crushes it in Week 1 and again in Week 2, she’ll be a Top 5 contestant. She’s got a different sound than the rest of the field and different could end up playing well this season. This could be CJ Harris’ week (but I really think he’ll start to gain momentum as the season goes) or Jessica Meuse (I think it’s tough to vote two country people back to back) or we could have something crazy happen.
WHY WE’RE NOT: She hasn’t had consistency and if you survive Week 1, you need it. There’s no room for bad performances because you will GET. VOTED. THEFUCK. OUT. We haven’t seen it from her and with the stakes at the highest, you can’t logically expect it’s just going to show up.
WHY WE’RE ROOTING FOR HER: I could listen to her pound the keys and do classic rock songs every single week hoping she’d do a crazed version of Styx’s “Renegade.”