No. 12 in the books, No. 1 in your hearts: Dexter Roberts

If you can say you won't miss this face then you have no soul.

If you can say you won’t miss this face then you have no soul.

REASONS: I hate picking him here. Hate, hate, hate it. Dexter wasn’t one of the five best performers during the Guys Top 10. Anyone with ears could hear that, but he got voted in because country music is more popular than R&B right now, especially with Idol viewers. Among the guys, I don’t see him getting more votes than fellow Southerners Ben Briley and CJ Harris, WGWGs Alex Preston and Sam Woolf and rock-god-in-the-making Caleb Johnson is too good to get booted Week 2. I could see this being Jessica Meuse or Jena Asciutto, but I’ll pick Dexter and go cry in a corner.
WHY WE’RE IDIOTS: Country music. I don’t get it, can’t really judge it but I know how crazed the fans are (and how skankily dressed chicks who like it are). The country vote could carry him right to the Top 5. Oh, and it’s hard not to love a guy who’s so friggin nice.
WHY WE’RE NOT: At some point the show does become about talent and he’s not quite what the rest of the guys are or what some of the girls are. Unless he pulls something out of the bag he hasn’t shown yet, he’s the pick here.
WHY WE’RE ROOTING FOR HIM: Fat guys gotta stick together.