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American Idol Top 9: Go Big or go home

If you didn’t like tonight’s show, you don’t get American Idol. It wasn’t filled with spectacular performance after spectacular performance. There weren’t any tears being shed from my couch (except by my daughter… Continue reading

American Idol Top 10: Idols sing the hits. Or at least try to.

You know what would be more entertaining than watching American Idol contestants struggle week in, week out with song choices and execution? Watching the ones that don’t. Let’s just cut the field in… Continue reading

American Idol Top 11 Elimination: It’s Ben fun

Three live performances, three evictions, one thing in common. If you’re bad, you’re gone. Past American Idol voters have been pretty consistent in how they vote; while it is “week to week” votes… Continue reading

American Idol Top 11: A Mediocre Night at the Movies

Don’t believe the judges. Regardless of how many times Harry Connick Jr. says it – with Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban smiling and nodding like bobblehead dolls – this year’s contestants are not… Continue reading

The Playlist: What the Top 11 American Idols should sing for ‘Songs of the Cinema’

People suck at picking songs. I’m not just talking American Idol contestants. I’m talking people in general. How many times have you been to a karaoke bar where some boozebag is slamming down… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12 Recap: Emily Gets Loud, goes home

If you want to read a recap from the show, here’s the link. I won’t delve too much more into that, because it’s just as boring to re-write as it is to watch.… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12 Elimination: America gets it right, gives Urban giant middle finger

Has America finally come to its senses? Tonight’s American Idol elimination went exactly how eliminations are supposed to go – the three worst performers of the week were in the bottom three and… Continue reading

American Idol Top 12: Safety Dance

Well that was underwhelming. There weren’t any winners tonight on Idol. We just had a bunch of contestants terrified to get eliminated and it made for some pretty terrible boring-ass TV. Looks like… Continue reading

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