American Idol Top 12 Elimination: America gets it right, gives Urban giant middle finger

America knows.

America knows.

Has America finally come to its senses?

Tonight’s American Idol elimination went exactly how eliminations are supposed to go – the three worst performers of the week were in the bottom three and the worst performance of the night went home. It was strange. Very strange.

So strange, in fact, I lamented after last night’s show that while MK Nobilette, Emily Piriz and Geena Gina Jena had the three worst performances and Emily should go home, America wouldn’t vote that way. America NEVER votes that way.

But they did. Even if Urban guaranteed she’d be back.

J-Lo was understandably pissed about the decision – Emily was her pride and joy, even after her brutal cover of “Let’s Get Loud” in the live show – and made it known that the vote to not save her was in no way unanimous. But let’s get, like J-Lo, real. That veto is not getting used outside of the Top 8 unless MK gets booted and at this point, I wonder if she’ll even get it at all.

The show as a whole wasn’t terrible. We avoided the horrible group performance and instead got a weird, cut-up version of Phillip Phillips’ “Home” which wasn’t terrible. So much better than all of them getting up there doing a live song and dance that no one cares about.

I love how they’re knocking out the results and it’s going to get even better when the show switched to a 30-minute format, at least from what I read online HERE.

I hated the round-table discussion over dinner. It was very forced and very awkward. If you’re a fan of Big Brother (love it) it was eerily similar to BB’s final dinner memories when they talk about highlights from the season. None of that was genuine; it was the producers telling the contestants “talk about the judges” and they spitballed.

I could have done without the “sorry for being critical” BS at the start because it seemed to be an apology to the viewers more than the contestants. I could also do without Randy. I need less Randy, more Jimmy Iovine.

Plus, the apologies were totally misdirected. The issue isn’t the criticism; it’s how it’s being handed out. Connick is just being a straight dickhead and it’s like Urban wants to be super happy about everything to offset it. J-Lo can be a little over the top, but she’s pretty level-headed even if I don’t agree with her opinion.

The live performances weren’t band. P-Squared is so Dave Matthews it hurts. That other band wasn’t bad either. But I’m not here to see the bands. I want results.

Tonight, I got the results I thought we should have gotten and I’m still surprised about it.

If this is going to be a trend, we might actually get some good performances this year.

Now let’s pretend this week never happened and move on to The Top 11.