American Idol Top 8 Elimination: Judges don’t save Malaya because they screwed up last week

Malaya didn't get a chance to sing for her life because the judges are morons.

Malaya didn’t get a chance to sing for her life because the judges are morons.

First off, let’s get this out of the way – tonight’s American Idol elimination wasn’t the wrong one.

America has been wildly consistent (shocker) this season about sending home the week’s worst performer and there is no question Malaya Watson was the worst this week.

Now did she have a better overall body of work than others? Probably. Did she have a better chance of winning than others? You could say that. But America hasn’t really voted on body of work, so that was OK.

What wasn’t OK was the judges using the save last week on a contestant who showed little promise, then the producers, judges and Seacrest completely glossing over this fact as CJ Harris and Malaya stood up waiting to find out if they were going home or not.

(And I’m not one to brag – wait, yes I am – but last week I said if I were CJ or Malaya I’d be pissed about Sam Woolf getting the save and “So when Malaya gets unfairly booted next week.” Not saying I’m the best at this, but is anyone better? Don’t believe me? Read THIS.)

Tonight was one of those nights where we needed a full hour of elimination to hear Seacrest ask straightforward questions and listen to the judges dodge them like fat kids at in the circle at recess. The fact Jennifer Lopez – who I completely blame for allowing Sam to be saved; she is the face of the judges (Harry is the voice of reason and Urban’s just the pretty guy) and shouldn’t have let it happen – gets off without blood on her hands is a joke.

When they open the show next week, the talk shouldn’t be about the Top 7. It shouldn’t be about what’s going to happen over the next couple weeks. It should be Jennifer Lopez  (or Urban, or Connick, but let’s be honest – they’re all gutless cowards) standing up and explaining why they used the save on Sam. She needs to sit there and say “We screwed up. We didn’t prepare pre-show for who we would and wouldn’t use the save on and when Sam – who has the attributes of your classic American Idol – was voted out we panicked. We’re happy he performed well last week, but in reality he shouldn’t be here because his chances of doing well or even winning the show weren’t as good as Malaya’s.”

This is a competition show. To me, it’s like any sport and when my favorite team screws up, I want to know why.
The judges screwed up and the fans are paying the price. The least they can do is tell us why.