American Idol Top 7 Elimination: The party’s over for Dexter

Don't be sad for Dexter - there's about a million smoking hot chicks in Alabama dying to bang a celebrity.

Don’t be sad for Dexter – there’s about a million smoking hot chicks in Alabama dying to bang a celebrity.

There’s no need to celebrate the demise of Dexter Roberts.

Dexter was lovable. He had a great back story as the hard-core hunter who just wanted to sing. His politeness would have been sickening if he wasn’t so genuine. All Dexter wanted to do was be Dexter and he did a damn good job at it.

He wasn’t going to win American Idol this year or any year. Dexter’s talents were limited to jamming out to bro-rock songs and he sang those tunes the exact same way they’re played over games of beer pong in frat houses across the country. That’s what Dexter wanted to do and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him make one hell of a career over it.

But being on American Idol shouldn’t be about a career. It should be about winning the show and Dexter had no chance because he wasn’t strong enough as a musician to make the changes to show who he is. He’s not an artsy hipster, he’s not a hard-core rock god, he’s not a teen heartthrob and he’s not a goth chick. He’s Dexter.

His downfall was his repetitiveness. The judges kept telling him to stop singing the songs the same way they’re played by the original artists. He didn’t listen and he didn’t have to; there were enough Idols crapping themselves on stage or taking risks and failing that Dexter’s strategy worked.

This week showed the fault in how he played Idol. Nobody sung poorly this week, so you have to start running down the list of why someone should get kicked out. If you take body of work into consideration, Dexter’s is average at best. If you’re looking for a wow moment, he never had one. If you’re adding up who had the most bad performances, he’s not on that list.

But if you compare him to the other contestants 1 on 1, who could you say he was better than?
Alex Preston? No. Caleb Johnson? No. Geena Gina Jena Irene? No. Jessica Meuse, who took a verbal assault from the judges that landed her a spot in the bottom two? No.

Now compared against Sam Woolf and CJ Harris is a different story. I’m not taking Dexter over CJ because I still believe in my biased heart that CJ has the best voice of the remaining contestants. I’d take Dexter over Sam, but Sam has what Dexter didn’t – that Idol look.

The timing of this is bad for Dexter because he had a legit chance to do something big with next week’s theme, where Idols will sing two songs – one rock and one country. Had Jessica gone home this week (which would have been a travesty) I’d say Sam would be out next week (I still think he’s going home next week) and all of a sudden Dexter is Top 5. CJ hasn’t had a great relationship with the voters, so there could have been a possibility of Top 4. After that? Maybe he picks up the country vote and upsets Jena to get in the Top 3, but I think Top 4 was his best-case scenario.

This elimination is the most emotionless of the season. There’s no outrage over America getting it wrong and no celebration to kick someone off who was really bad and should have never made it this far. Whatever you thought of Dexter, you really couldn’t hate him because he was such a good dude.

And I think we’re going to miss him more than we all let on.