American Idol Top 6 Elimination: Shock would have rocked

What was shocking about seeing these two?

What was shocking about seeing these two?

The drama started around 1 p.m. this afternoon when the official American Idol Twitter feed put this out on the interwebs:

So from there everyone tried to figure out what the hell was going to happen. A good guess was producers doing this as a goodbye to Sam Woolf, meaning the #SamSpiracy was dead. It also could have been the end for Jessica Meuse, a front-runner most of the season who has been persecuted by the judges. So while the guessing games went on, Alex Preston – the unquestionable favorite to win the show – went Twitter depressed. Look at these tweets:

That started a panic among his fans – and trust me, they’re more loyal than Lassie – because it seemed like Alex knew something and wasn’t telling (and looking at it now, that seems like a producer-driven ploy).

So while it seemed the safe bet – CJ Harris going home, joined in the Bottom 2 by Samor Jess – wasn’t going to happen, tonight’s elimination show had everyone on edge waiting to see what was going to be so shocking.

Turns out it was nothing.

CJ and Jess were in the Bottom 2 and CJ went home. What was so shocking about that?

It was still great TV. When CJ, Sam and Caleb Johnson were called first, I figured the #SamSpiracy dead. Caleb was probably the second-best performer of the night behind Geena Gina Jena Irene, so I was waiting to see him called first followed by CJ. Shock. Instead, we saw Sam called first, a moment of doubt where the possibility of Caleb being Bottom 2 existed before we saw his smiling face.

Trying to figure out the surprise of the next trio was just as tough. Jena was the winner last night so she had to be safe, but Alex has been the winner every week so he had to be too, right? But teamed with American Idol’s tweet, Alex’s Twitter depression and Jena getting called first, there was a moment I thought Jess’ face was going to pop on that screen and teens across the country were gonna lose their shit.

Alex in the Bottom 2 would have been a “shocking” result. He didn’t have to go home. But his face hit the screen and it seemed like the end for Jessica.

It wasn’t. It was likely a rouse by Idol producers trying to entice more casual fans to the show. Problem is by this time if they’re not watching they’re not going to start.

Tonight America got it right. If CJ wasn’t the worst this week – and in my eyes, he wasn’t; Sam’s “Still the One” is going to be playing in my nightmares forever – he was No. 2 on that list. As I’ve said all season, he struggled to find the balance between artist and Idol, something Alex and Jena have done brilliantly. CJ’s voice lent itself to so many great song choices and the man from Alabama picked none of them.

I’ll send him off right though. CJ is going to make more money and be more famous than anyone else from Season 13. He’s going to get a country record deal and he’s going to sell a billion crossover country-pop albums because he has the perfect voice and he is, without a doubt, the most genuinely nice person I’ve ever seen take the stage on this show.

Tomorrow we’ll have a breakdown of the bottom two and if I can find next week’s theme and it isn’t more general than a store, I’ll try to do some prediction picks.

Until then.