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Hey, all you American Idol degenerates – thank you

American Idol Season 13 is over, Caleb Johnson is our winner, I’m mildly very hungover and the first season of the Dudes Review Idol is in the bag. I only have one thing… Continue reading

American Idol finale: Caleb wins Idol, doesn’t call anyone a retard again, nearly saves the brand

American Idol isn’t back, but it’s damn close. Let’s forget about last season. It’s not a knock on Candice Glover, an infinitely talented singer who won’t ever sell the records she was promised,… Continue reading


Because duh. Full review to follow. -DUDE

American Idol Final Performances: Caleb should be getting the Season 13 crown Thur…, I mean, Wednesday

It’s simply amazing that a network that runs major sporting events has no clue how to run a halfway decent reality show competition. MISTAKE NO. 1: Idiots who run Fox There isn’t one… Continue reading

American Idol Top 3 Elimination: Alex goes home to his super hot girlfriend, plenty of adoring fans and the kind of groupies you write home about

No Alex Preston in the final? What? It makes sense. There’s no way you can tell me Alex isn’t a better talent than Caleb Johnson or Geena Gina Jena Irene. He proved it… Continue reading

American Idol Top 3: Remember when I said Jena was going to win Season 13? I meant Caleb. I think.

The show started strong and ended just as well, sandwiching a bunch of strong performances in between. (This, of course, means ignoring the “Selfie Song,” which sounds like a robot having an abortion… Continue reading

Fox’s decision to show less American Idol Season 14 is good for the show and for my liver

NEW YORK – Fox will cut “American Idol” to one night for several weeks next spring, part of a reset for a struggling network that will have 11 new series in the coming… Continue reading

If you think Clay Aiken didn’t have something to do with Keith Crisco’s death, you don’t know Clay Aiken

NORTH CAROLINA –Keith Crisco, the Democratic candidate locked in a too-close-to-call election for a North Carolina House seat against former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken, died suddenly on Monday, NBC News confirms. His… Continue reading

American Idol Top 4 Elimination: Everyone goes home! (Don’t tell Jessica she’s not getting a parade)

Nice to have a controversy-free show. We got the Ryan Seacrest fakeout – saying “The first person headed to their hometown with a big parade … IS … gonna find out after the… Continue reading

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