Alex Preston is not happy about doing the producers’ dirty work (UPDATE)

The producers put Alex in a super shitty spot.

The producers put Alex in a super shitty spot.

So who were the No votes?

Based on Twitter, Alex Preston is a likely candidate for one of them. A little over an hour after Thursday’s disgraceful “twist” – where the producers clearly tried to manipulate the results to keep golden boy Sam Woolf alive – Alex tweeted this:

You have to respect the hell out of Alex for saying anything. The rest of the field remains silent. It makes sense for Jessica Meuse, who’s only response would likely include a slew of cuss words (PS the phrase “cuss words” is hilarious). Caleb doesn’t tweet, Sam is gone and Geena Gina Jena Irene hasn’t said anything either.

I’ve been in Alex’s corner from the start (and it might not seem like it because of the jokes I’ve made, but seriously? Have you actually read my tweets or the site? I murder everyone except hot chicks I’d like to make my second wife). He knows how to play the game and he’s done a hell of a job transforming himself from the “quirky musician” into a star. If anyone has anything to lose by mentioning the “twist,” it’s Alex.

He didn’t want to do the producers’ dirty work and forcing him – and the rest of the contestants, for that matter – to choose between friendship and fame wasn’t fair. Alex had a little more to lose because Sam is his boy, so there’s the potential of ruining that friendship over this vote and, oh yeah, he’s the heavy favorite to win so by calling out the producers, there’s the potential they take their crosshairs off Jess and put them right on the pompadour.

I’m guessing some “Idol expert” somewhere will talk about the No voters not wanting to be ID’d because they don’t want blood on their hands. That’s a fallacy because this wasn’t a “save;” it was merely a stay of execution. Alex knew this and it’s why I think he voted No. His tweet only reinforces that idea.

This is a competition show and it’s why I can stand watching it, so it’s nice to see at least one person involved with it is treating it as such. Give Alex some credit for that.


UPDATE: Alex is really not happy about being put on the spot. At this point he’s either gonna a) have an emotional breakdown or b) get really pissed and start naming names.