Don’t be mad at Sam Woolf for last night. Be mad at the real idiots – Per Blankens, Evan Prager and Jesse Igjatovic.

These are the three idiots to be mad at, not Sam Woolf.

Don’t hate Sam Woolf or the contestants for what went down. Hate (from left to right) Moron 1, Moron 2 and Moron 3.

There’s a lot of anger lingering over last night’s “surprise twist.” There is one place it shouldn’t be directed.

At Sam Woolf.

Sam had nothing to do with what went down. He was simply the baby-faced contestant the producers’ loved and thought would be the answer to their rating woes. They wanted him to succeed even if America didn’t.

When Ryan Seacrest said there was going to be a shocking (or surprise; can’t recall) twist, it was pretty obvious it was going to have something to do with Sam. No other reason for an unannounced twist made sense – this is American Idol, not Big Brother, the show where fans and players are told to “expect the unexpected.”

This wasn’t Sam’s plan. The pro-Sam, anti-Jessica Meuse agenda wasn’t Sam’s idea.

(And for all the whinebag teens – saying Sam isn’t a good singer isn’t bullying him. It’s pointing out a fact. If you weigh 400 pounds and someone calls you fat, that’s not being a bully; that’s the truth. Also, it’s possible to be a mediocre musician and be insanely famous. Jimmy Buffett is a terrible guitar player and a worse songwriter, but the dude is entertaining and has money coming out of his coconuts on his private Margaritaville-paid-for island. Cheeseburger in paradise indeed).

Sam was simply a kid trying to win American Idol. So let’s focus the blame and hate off of him and at the people who deserve it.

Per Blankens.
Jesse Igjatovic.
Evan Prager.

Those are the cowards. Those are the people any hate should be pointed at. Don’t be mad at Geena Gina Jena Irene for voting No. Don’t be mad at Alex Preston for voting No. Don’t be mad at Sam for being the centerpiece.

He was put there by the producers and judges who, in one short season, have managed to completely ruin the American Idol brand.