Fox’s decision to show less American Idol Season 14 is good for the show and for my liver

Hoping the change next year means more singing, less J-Lo pretending to sing.

Hoping the change next year means more singing, less J-Lo pretending to sing.

NEW YORK – Fox will cut “American Idol” to one night for several weeks next spring, part of a reset for a struggling network that will have 11 new series in the coming year including the much-awaited “Batman” prequel “Gotham.” Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly said the network plans some 37 hours of “American Idol” content next winter and spring compared with the 50-plus hours that have been running for years. After the initial auditions, the series will probably air a two-hour show once a week. The show’s decline from television’s biggest phenomenon to just another moderately successful series, combined with a failure to mint new hits, made this season a tough one for Fox.
“‘Idol’ is not going to come back to be the ratings champion it once was,” Reilly said Monday. “But we believe the show can be on for many years to come.”

I do to.

This is a brilliant move for American Idol as a brand.

The product was watered down more than a nine-dollar drink at a shitty bar. It’s clear the Idol product has been destroyed (thanks Per Blankens!) and the ratings aren’t the same and Fox executives are wondering why.

Here’s why – it’s just hard-core fans watching and the show is driving them away by continuing to pander to the casual viewer.

It’s the worst thing for them. They need to rebuild the brand and to do it going to once a week prior to the live shows is great. Now I hate it because it means less excuses to booze it up midweek, but I guess not having my liver fail is probably going to work out better in the long run.

My question is, when the 11 new shows Fox picked up bomb, are they going to go back to the Idol gravy train?

Ideally, next year we’ll get one 2-hour episode per week during “auditions” and they’ll, oh, I don’t know, maximize their online potential with webisodes or at least showing us “Contestants to Watch.”

Once Hollywood Week hits, we need two per week. It’s a must. Don’t show us the sap, just show us the singing.

The live shows need to be completely overhauled and produced more for competition and less for ratings. People enjoy the competition and hate the schlock the producers throw at us.

If they can produce it more like a sports broadcast and less like the horseshit it’s been all season, ratings will rise and next thing you know we’ll have five episodes a week and I’ll be dead.