If you think Clay Aiken didn’t have something to do with Keith Crisco’s death, you don’t know Clay Aiken

Does this look like the face of a guy who wouldn't have his political opponent murdered?

Does this look like the face of a guy who wouldn’t have his political opponent murdered?

NORTH CAROLINA –Keith Crisco, the Democratic candidate locked in a too-close-to-call election for a North Carolina House seat against former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken, died suddenly on Monday, NBC News confirms. His death was confirmed to NBC by a representative at Asheboro Elastics Corporation, which was co-founded by Crisco. The death was first reported by the Asheboro Courier-Tribune. The newspaper wrote that he appeared to have suffered injuries from a fall at his home. He was 71.

Clay Aiken does not fuck around.

Not anymore.

He’s forever going to be linked to Ruben Studdard and it kills him that he lost to the Velvet Teddy Bear.

Sure, he plays it off smooth. He smiles. He says he’s fine with being second.

But there’s one thing for sure – Clay doesn’t get beat twice.

The primary in North Carolina was crazy close and likely headed to a recount, so Clay did what any good politician would do. He made it so there wouldn’t be a need for a recount.

No, I have no evidence. Didn’t you see Manchurian Candidate? So easy to hide stuff like this, especially when you’re as ruthless as Clay. Plus, big government can hide anything. (If I’m dead tomorrow, don’t be shocked).

Yes, Keith Crisco was 71-years old and old people loving “accident falls” more than they like “Murder, She Wrote.” I’m more shocked that with him living in the South his whole life and not eating the healthiest foods – I’m guessing had a cholesterol count that matched his credit score – it wasn’t a faked heart attack. Plus, his fucking name is Crisco. OH THE IRONY.

Clay knew this. So he had Keith done the way he wanted to have Ruben done. Falls are easy to fake, so Clay found someone to make it look like an accident, because losing twice wasn’t an option.