Dudes Review Idol Top 30 American Idol Performances of All Time

The time is right.

If you’ve read the site, you know we don’t mess around when it comes to American Idol. We’re not treating this as a place to fellate all the artist who perform on the show. It’s a serious competition – in our eyes – and it should be celebrated for the hits as well as the misses.

Over the next month, we’re going to celebrate the hits. The Top 30 hits in fact; we plan on counting down the 30 best performances in the history of American Idol.

What’s the criteria? Hah.

It’s opinion. It’s going to be a mix of song selection, execution, originality, clutchness (probably not a word), awesomeness (maybe a word?) and fucking personal preference. Is it the be all, end all of Idol Top Whatever Lists? Hell no. It’s a debate, an endless one, and this is just another of the many lists.

We did our homework. We watched hundreds of performances. We narrowed the list. If someone sang one song great but someone did it better, the better version won.

There’s probably decisions you disagree with, but this is our list. Let us know how you feel. Comment below, hit us up at Twitter HERE or email us at dudesreviewidol@yahoo.com

We’re doing the countdown daily, starting with No. 30 today.

Let’s rock.