Monthly Archive: January, 2015

The Golden Ticket: Are we there yet?

I’ve got a problem. No, it’s not from my usual devil juice. After the amount of booze I’ve ingested during the NFL Playoffs, I needed a break until Super Bowl Sunday even if… Continue reading

The Golden Ticket: The Hipsters, The Guitarists, The Banjo Chick, OH MY

Auditions are flying by. And that’s not a bad thing. If one thing, I’ve noticed the one-hour audition shows force producers to jam a lot of talent into the show, which means less… Continue reading

You’ll never believe what happens when Billboard and Jason Lipshutz publish a horseshit story about American Idol (PS I tear their premise apart)

BILLBOARD.COM – How does ‘American Idol’ battle falling ratings and a lack of innovation? By starting fresh… next decade. On the same night last week that Fox’s hip-hop soap opera Empire debuted to… Continue reading

Time for me to retire: Ryan Seacrest is now aware of how awesome Dudes Review Idol is

I was casually sitting on my couch, feeding the little one while the other kid watches Frozen for the millionth time when I decided to check Vine. I noticed I had jumped like… Continue reading

The Golden Ticket: Idol premiere short on time, talent

Fox got it all backward. Since I’m not an “official” media member, American Idol doesn’t send me screeners of episodes so, unlike the Idol media that is already praising Thursday night’s episode, I… Continue reading

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Can I be completely honest? I don’t have the American Idol itch. Damn rubbers. Maybe it’s the lack of network TV I watch. Maybe it’s being a year older. Maybe it’s because with… Continue reading

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