I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Can I be completely honest?

I don’t have the American Idol itch. Damn rubbers.

Maybe it’s the lack of network TV I watch. Maybe it’s being a year older. Maybe it’s because with Baby No. 2 in the house, my commitment to getting completely faced watching Idol isn’t going to be possible because 9-month olds give zero fucks about your hangover.

It might be the NFL’s fault. My beloved Patriots have a big game Saturday and that’s all I’m thinking about for the next few days. I might be HBO remastering and re-releasing the Wire in marathon form, because I’m six episodes away from finishing Season 5. It might be because I’m terrified I’m going to ignore my previous statement and deal with a 9-month old hungover as shit anyway.

In reality, I’m heading into Season 14 nervous because what happened last year was a joke. It wasn’t the fault of the cast, the performances or judges; it was how everything went down. The Sam-spiracy soured me on the show, the refusal to explain why some elite performers were kicked out before the finals but other inferior talent was allowed through.

There was zero attempt by Fox, American Idol producers or anyone with half a brain to use their website to promote and cover their own product like a college covers its own athletic teams. Fans want to know why decisions were made, what goes on behind the scenes and what we can expect as far as weekly themes, double eviction weeks and the such so the show doesn’t seem like a giant fix.

But I’ll be back better than ever.

This is simply a reminder to everyone who read the site and tweeted last season, get the word out. Dudes Review Idol is on Twitter and we’re on VINE (click here) as well. As soon as my old ass figures out SnapChat, we’re going to get serious.

Hopefully, American Idol will too.

PS I promise, promise, promise I’ll finish the Top 30 countdown before we get to the live performances. I was going at a good pace but a combination of moving to a new house, the new kid, new job, really ate in my time to watch and analyze YouTube videos. Hopefully the Pats win Saturday and I can get some stuff done Sunday while I’m hungover.