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American Idol Top 24: It was me … and Jax and Joey … and Miss, Miss Jones

Let’s not count the girls out just yet. After Wednesday’s stunning display from the guys – a group whose talent runs deep, but doesn’t have a lot of top-of-the-line stars – the girls… Continue reading

American Idol Top 24: Guys Q-Rating stole the show

Good luck America. You’re gonna need it. After tonight’s performances from the Guys Top 12, there is no way America can get this right. There isn’t one person who could get this right.… Continue reading

What guys will make American Idol’s Top 12? The dude who knows makes his picks

You want an intro? Read it HERE. On to the picks (for the record, I could see me getting two right and the field still being crazy strong). THE GUYS 1. Savion Wright… Continue reading

What Girls Will Make the American Idol Top 12? The Dude who knows makes his picks

This probably would have been easier if I was hammered. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m 100 percent confident in who I think America’s voting to the finals tonight.… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: No drama as American Idol fills out it’s Top 24 or Stuff You knew if you’ve been reading the site

Thursday night’s American Idol drama was anything but. Thanks to the Top 24 silhouette video and the amount of screen time given to contestants, figuring out which one of the final Idols was… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: That time Maddie Walker murdered someone to reach American Idol’s Top 24

It wasn’t one of the top million performances in the history of American Idol, but what Maddie Walker did facing elimination in the face is Top 5 moment in the show’s history because… Continue reading

What Girls will make American Idol’s Top 24? Guesses from the dude who knows (or thinks he does)

Blah, blah, blah introduction. If you want to read the intro, here’s the link to the GUYS TOP 12. Onto the picks. Video Don’t Lie 1) Joey Cook ROLE: “The Quirky Girl,” aka… Continue reading

What guys will make American Idol’s Top 24? Guesses from the dude who knows (or thinks he does)

You want to know who the Top 24 contestants on American Idol are? I’m going to tell you. Here’s the Spoiler Alert – I don’t do spoilers. I’m sure I could probably find… Continue reading

Hollywood Nights: Who should win American Idol Season 14? How about the guy that will win AI15?

There are roles to fill. Listen, American Idol stopped being just about the talent years ago. You get five white dudes who can play guitar winning in a row, you need to make… Continue reading

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