Why the haters are ruining American Idol

I got called a hater last night.

Me. The guy who makes stupid jokes.


Because I had the AUDACITY to tweet this:

His fans went nuts.

Now I didn’t say Michael Simeon was bad or talentless or couldn’t sing. It’s condensed to 140 characters with a joke, but the tweet basically says that the performance showed wasn’t a Top 24 performance. I’m not going to punk out and subtweet him because if you’re going to make a comment on someone, have the balls to say it so they can see it. Or at least that’s how I think Twitter works.

Listen to it again. Here’s a link; fastforward to the :24 second mark (actually, don’t; the back-and-forth between Simeon and Big Ron makes me hope Fox will give them a buddy comedy show) and listen to the performance.

It’s good. But to say it’s unconscionable to question it not being a Top 24 performance is insane. If you’ve watched the show for years, documented auditions, have a crazy recall for what the top performers did in Hollywood Week, you can make statements that a performance good enough to get Simeon through the Lines of 10, or whatever Idol producers were calling them, isn’t good enough for the Top 24.

Calling someone a “hater” means one of two things: either the person you’re talking about has no reason or logic behind what they’re saying or you have no reason or logic behind why that person is wrong.

There’s rarely hate on American Idol. It’s a great example of a harsh dose of reality. And that’s what a lot of fans of these contestants – and even some of the contestants – don’t get.

Nobody likes to be told something they think is awesome isn’t awesome. You ever cook a dish for a group of people and everyone likes it except one guy? It’s fucking maddening. (I deal with this when I cook for my parents; I didn’t realize this until I got older, but my mother underspiced everything. I grew up with bland food. So when I cook for my mother and everyone starts raving about a dish she used to cook that I cook better because it has flavor, my mom always says “it wasn’t my cup of tea.” I ask why and she has no reason. If she would have said “it’s too spicy for me” that would be fine. Instead, she doesn’t give me a reason. That’s what a hater does).

What I’ve realized in doing this is the good contestants listen to the so-called “haters.” I’ve had several DM conversations (humblebrag) with former contestants about a performance and it’s interesting to hear them take in all the commentary, process it all and make changes so mistakes don’t happen again.

The bad contestants – and all of the fans – don’t do this. They bitch about the “haters.” They don’t like criticism. It’s one of the reasons why Simon got booed every week; people hated to hear that the people they liked weren’t good.

But Simon knew what he was doing.

And any actual haters most certainly do not.