What Girls will make American Idol’s Top 24? Guesses from the dude who knows (or thinks he does)

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If you want to read the intro, here’s the link to the GUYS TOP 12.

Onto the picks.

Video Don’t Lie

1) Joey Cook
ROLE: “The Quirky Girl,” aka Zooey Deschanel
WHY: Because she’s the only girl with cropped pink hair. Her quirky voice and happy attitude don’t hurt her either.

Not Hannah from Girls. Joey from Idol

Not Hannah from Girls. Joey from Idol

SHOULD SHE BE?: For better or worse, there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to female contestants. When someone like Joey comes along, you have to put her through.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Usually a love-hate with the voters. I could see her getting in as a judges’ selection, doing an accordian version of “The Thong Song” in Week 1 and winning the country over. I could also see America picking the same-old, same-old voices and ignoring someone who I think can be a serious contender as long as she sings songs she knows the words to.

2) Shi Scott
ROLE: “The Fun Girl”
WHY: There aren’t a lot of tall, slender girls with giant poofy hair that would walk under a dock on a beach. Plus, have you heard her sing?

Not seeing a beard in the silhouette makes me wonder if I'm right.

Not seeing a beard in the silhouette makes me wonder if I’m right.

SHOULD SHE BE?: Hell to the yes. She’s got the right attitude to be on the show and her voice right now is among the Top 3. She fits a perfect demographic and she’s got the look.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Love them. She’s got the voice which all the women who watch will appreciate, has the looks to go with a fun, flirtacious attitude for all the fellas and the producers know she’s the complete package. If she wears the beard for the Top 24 performance? Winner, winner.

3) Tyanna Jones
ROLE: “The Quiet One”
WHY: Because she’s the only one I’ve seen other than Joey with purple highlights.

Sorry for the bad pic. Best I could do.

Sorry for the bad pic. Best I could do.

SHOULD SHE BE?: Can’t deny her voice. She’s got a really shy persona – from what they’ve shown – but the producers have made it a point to get her as much screen time as possible. Her age makes her a perfect candidate.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Does she have one of the six best voices? Yes. Is she one of the six best performers? You can argue it either way. Her weakness is she’s not going to look natural doing fast-paced pop songs and unless she hits a home run in the Top 24 performances, I could see voters overlooking her for one of the musician-based contestants.

4) Maddie Walker
ROLE: “America’s Sweetheart”
WHY: She’s in because I recognized her blond hair and her dark red tips. I’m almost embarassed to admit that.

I know that hair!

I know that hair!

SHOULD SHE BE?: Yes. Forget the fact the producers have done everything in their power to push Miss Walker on screen. She’s got the voice and the look, which is along the lines of “She’s 16 but we’re not going to mention that too often so we don’t make the 20-something dudes who watch feel like perverts.”
TOP 12 CHANCES: She’s the Spencer Lloyd of last season except with more talent. My head would explode if she wasn’t a Top 12 finalist.

Making the Cut

5) Jax
ROLE: “The Pop Princess”
WHY: I think I saw her in the video four times, so I couldn’t definitely say she’s in because of that so I’ll just take the obvious reason – she’s the best girl in the field.
SHOULD SHE BE?: Stupid question.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Stupid question.

6) Emily Brooke
ROLE: “The Country Teen”
WHY: She’s been heavily promoted by the show, but with good reason. Every song she’s sung has been ridiculously good. Maybe the best contestant with more than three letters in her name.
SHOULD SHE BE?: Yes, for the sole reason that when an anti-country idiot such as myself is on her side, you know she’s got the goods.
TOP 12 CHANCES: As good as she’s been, I can’t guarantee a Top 12 spot. There’s another contestant I have in the Top 12 who has done some country stuff but is a little more of a country-pop style and came into Idol with the biggest fan base of anyone I’m picking in the Top 24. I don’t think there’s room for both of them and I’m not picking one or the other.

Looking Good

7) Shannon Berthiaume
ROLE: “The Badass”
WHY: She’s got the least amount of training but her voice is too good to ignore. Plus I really want “Unpregnant Juno” to catch on in the Twittersphere.
SHOULD SHE BE?: She doesn’t have the best on-stage persona, but good lord that voice. She’s probably the best power singer in the contest and if she looked more like Idol-era Jennifer Hudson and less like Ellen Page, she’d be getting all sorts of accolades all over the interwebs.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Hate them, which makes me so mad. This is the type of singer who should be in the Top 12 and I don’t think America’s going to give her the chance because her voice doesn’t match her tiny white girl body. Hope I’m wrong here.

8) Loren Lott
ROLE: “Miss R&B”
WHY: We really haven’t seen another R&B performer in her class on screen. And if I’m being completely honest, producers aren’t going to have a Top 12 girls field without at least one girl with a darker skin tone. (PS I hate bringing up race because we should be beyond that, but ignoring it like it’s not a factor is ignorant. Loren’s not getting in because she’s darker black. It just doesn’t hurt her chances.)
SHOULD SHE BE?: I’d give it a resounding yes. First off, she’s gorgeous. Second, her ability to take on Adele’s “Skyfall” means she knows her own limitations and won’t try to chase notes she can’t handle. Being the only standout in her genre doesn’t hurt either.
TOP 12 CHANCES: I can never judge R&B/Soul singers fairly because the results usually never makes sense. We get some years where that’s all America wants and some years where America hates them. She’s got the goods, but I honestly have no clue.

9) Lovey James
ROLE: “The Country-Pop Star”
WHY: If you come in with 70K-plus followers on Twitter and have a name coming in, I’m gonna say producers are going to make for damn sure you make the Top 24 and they’ll let America sort out the rest. Plus when we’ve seen her, she’s been terrific.
SHOULD SHE BE?: I can give you reasons why people should, but in this case I’m going to go with yes because I haven’t see a reason why she shouldn’t be there. The girls field falls off a little bit – again, based on what we’ve seen – thanks to some questionable cuts, but any blonde who sings country usually does well on Idol.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Problem with the last statement is this year there’s three blondes who sing country. I can’t see more than two of them making it through to the Top 12. Her chances are on par with the other two.

10) Alexis Gomez
ROLE: “The Hippie”
WHY: She looks like a pop star, sings like a folk star and acts like a girl who spends a lot of time around the green. Good WgirlsWG don’t show up all that often but she’s definitely one of them.
SHOULD SHE BE?: Again, I haven’t seen a reason why she shouldn’t be. I want to see her perform just to see what kind of genre she gravitates for. I could see her singing 60s and 70s folk tunes, do some 90s tracks before getting told she needs to be more modern. I feel like that would take a turn for the worst.
TOP 12 CHANCES: She’s one of those I think is good but is going to get pushed to the wayside thanks to the incredible amount of similarities with others in the Top 24. Chances aren’t great, but you never know.

Blind Guesses

11) Jaq MacKenzie
ROLE: “The Plain Jane”
WHY: I got through 10 with no problem. Then I started going through notes and blog posts and realized the final two spots are going to be ROUGH. I picked Jaq because she’s been really good on stage and because she very much has that girl-next-door thing the producers know will play well.
SHOULD SHE BE?: She’s not a pop princess and seems to have a great taste when it comes to music. She doesn’t seem super serious or caught up in all the bright lights. When they’ve shown her on screen her personality screams out at you and on Twitter she’s pretty damn funny. So yeah, she should be.
TOP 12 CHANCES: If you get the right audience, I could see her crushing the online votes because young people will love her because she doesn’t come off like a Mean Girls Plastic. I kinda hope I’m wrong here so she can come back next year and really give herself a chance to win the damn thing.

12) Katherine Winston
ROLE: “The Soulful One”
WHY: We haven’t seen a lot from Katherine, but in the two performances I had taken notes on, she hit home runs. Home run hitters aren’t kept out of the Top 24.
SHOULD SHE BE?: Yes. She’s not quite a WGWG and she’s definitely not a pop princess. I think she’s got a little Elise Testone in her.
TOP 12 CHANCES: If she sings like Elise, she’s in. If she picks songs like Elise, she’s screwed.

Close Calls

1) Maddy Hudson
WHY: Maddy was great, stumbled a bit in the group round, but I think with some of the similarities between her and the ones I’m picking, adding her to the Top 12 Girls field doesn’t really make sense. She’s young, so the one year of experience is a huge help and she should be in the same spot next season.

2) Hunter Larsen
WHY: Too many other blondes in the field. Actually. I think Hunter loses out to Alexis for a final spot. Or maybe to Jaq. Hope she’s back next year because she’s done really well when they’ve shown her.