What guys will make American Idol’s Top 24? Guesses from the dude who knows (or thinks he does)

You want to know who the Top 24 contestants on American Idol are?

I’m going to tell you.

Here’s the Spoiler Alert – I don’t do spoilers.

I’m sure I could probably find them somewhere online, but that’s cheating and really ruins the integrity of being the guy who gets drunk and talks about a singing talent show like he’s Gordy Berry.

After watching countless hours of auditions and Hollywood Week, I made my picks based on some select criteria:

1) Who sounded good
2) Who was given an obnoxious amount of screen time
3) Who was given an underwhelming amount of screen time except in random montages
4) Who was easily recognizable in this video:

I have to tell you, even without the Top 24 video, picking the Top 24 wasn’t extremely difficult thanks to the production of the show. I don’t think we’re going to see that surprise contestant who hasn’t been mentioned and then all-of-a-sudden shows up in the final audition.

I don’t think we’re going to get any screw jobs. Looking at my Top 12 on each side, I picked 11 guys with no problem and 10 girls without even thinking. I tried to avoid my personal bias, only to fail on the girls side; on the guys side, I had to make an educated guess for the final spot and I have as much faith in it as I do in the producers not screwing the next two weeks up.

So who’s in? Here’s who I got.


Video Don’t Lie

1) Adam Ezegelian
ROLE: “The Underdog”
WHY: Because he’s the only fat guy with poofy hair on the show who could be the last silhouette. Oh, and because he can sing his balls off and might have the best range among the guys, but it’s mainly because his body type was impossible to not recognize in the video.

Definitely the only guy with a giant fro.

Definitely the only guy with a giant fro.

SHOULD HE BE?: I say hell yeah. With no fat black dudes for me to root for, I’ll go all in on a fellow chubby white guy. Him being Armenian only earns more points with a member of the tribe.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Talent-wise, yes – but at this point you can say that about all the dudes. In the past I’d say America won’t vote for him because he’s not the teeny-bopper pop star or grungy-looking sex god, but there are a lot of middle-aged moms and grandmas who will gladly cast a vote because “he’s so adorable.”

2) Qaasim Middleton
ROLE: “The Eclectic Black Dude”
WHY: Because’s he’s the only dude who has dreads and dresses like Mystery.
SHOULD HE BE?: No brainer. Young guy, very different sound and very much a candidate to be the first BGWG to win.
TOP 12 CHANCES: With the fan-base he’s already built up in his young career, they might carry him all the way through the show. He’s extremely marketable so unless he puts up a stinker – and with his experience, I doubt it – he looks good to be in the live shows.

Savion is the dude all the way on the left, Rayvon and his hat is all the way on the right.

Savion is the dude all the way on the left, Rayvon and his hat is all the way on the right.

3) Savion Wright
ROLE: “The Returning Star”
WHY: Because’s he’s the only 6-foot-8 dude built like an MMA fighter.
SHOULD HE BE?: No, because he should have been last year. He deserves this more than anybody after what happened last season, so Savion really can do no wrong. At this point he could fight one of the contestants and I’m sure the judges would be like “he has SO MUCH potential.”
TOP 12 CHANCES: I think it would be a mistake for him not to be. He hasn’t had enough screen time to lock in a spot and I’ll tell you what – the guys’ side is loaded. With Adam Lasher gone, I don’t know that’s there’s a slam dunk Top 6 guy in the group. Savion is close though and I like his chances.

4) Rayvon Owen
ROLE: “Mr. R&B”
WHY: Because he’s the only guy who wears a Heisenberg hat.
SHOULD HE BE?: With that voice, yes. I’m cautious because I have no clue what he’s doing in his last audition, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s not going to choke. He hasn’t had a performance where his talent has been in question and popping up in a montage was a good sign that he’s been a standout.
TOP 12 CHANCES: I’d say yes just because I don’t see another male performer in his genre making the Top 12. He’s going to get the R&B label because he happens to be a non-white guy singing solo and more often than not, the R&B guy makes his way to the Top 12.


5) Mark Andrew
WHY: There has to be at least one grungy looking white dude with a guitar on the show, every since the abortion that was Season 12 where they all but banned them from performing. Plus, with Adam Lasher eliminated for no good reason, it seems producers are handing Mark, in his final year of eligibility, the keys to the WGWG kingdom.
SHOULD HE BE?: Um, yes. He knows what he’s doing. He’s played billions of cover songs in his life and knows how to manipulate arrangements to make them fit and he’s done it brilliantly to this point. With no other “gritty” WGWG left, someone has to fill the spot.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Like I said, with Adam Lasher gone I think producers are going to do everything in their power to put him Top 12, whether it be a fixed fan vote, judges’ pick, or a “we’re just making the rules up as we go so now it’s the Top 13” selection.

6) Clark Beckham
ROLE: “The Guy You Forgot About”
WHY: Clark hasn’t been a huge focus on screen so far this season, but when he’s been on screen he’s been nothing but brilliant. If you can’t find a mediocre performance of someone, that’s usually a sign.
SHOULD HE BE?: He’s a younger Nick Fradiani, who (SPOILER ALERT) also makes my list. I don’t hate bringing them both on because they both perform in that Adam Levine/Jason Mraz style that drives the girls wild and makes guys want to drive cars into walls. If producers are trying to that genre through, not a bad move having two guys make the Top 24.
TOP 12 CHANCES: My guess is Beckham or Fradiani makes it. Both won’t.

7) Nick Fradiani
ROLE: “The Last-Chance Guy”
WHY: He’s gotten a ton of screen time which leads me to believe they’re sending him through – or they’re going to rip his heart out on national TV.
SHOULD HE BE?: His versatility gets him this spot. Some of the guys I’ve left off the list aren’t able to swing more than one genre and Nick seems to be able to go folky or poppy or dreamboat crooner. That’s a huge deal in this show.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Same as Clark Beckham’s.

8) Cody Fry
ROLE: “The Shy Guy”
WHY: If you don’t get a big story in auditions and find yourself with a ton of screen time in Hollywood, I love your chances, especially if you sing like a god damn angel. Plus, Seacrest can call him “The Shy Guy Cody Fry” and everyone will love it because rhymes.
SHOULD HE BE?: Definitely. He’s a hipster only in the fact that he wears the skinniest of skinny jeans, but he’s got a voice that’s not the white boy pop star we usually get.
TOP 12 CHANCES: He’s a skinny Alex Preston. Provided he doesn’t bomb this week or Top 24, I think he’s there.


9) Daniel Seavey
ROLE: “Teeny-bopper”
WHY: There’s no way on earth American Idol invested so much screen time on this kid to not put him through. He’ll get an audience to watch and let’s be honest – no one hates the 15-year old who looks 12.
SHOULD HE BE?: I don’t think so, but it’s not for the reasons you’d think. Traditionally, teenagers don’t fare well on the show. The goal should be to win and15-17 year olds who aren’t Jordin Sparks don’t win. I’m almost rooting to be wrong here so Seavey can come back next year with proper seasoning, but I really think producers will throw him to the wolves.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Very interesting. He has a built-in audience and will dominate any internet-based voting. I don’t think he can win American Idol, but I think he can do extremely well even though I’d rather see him be crowned the champ in 2017 0r 2018.

10) Trevor Douglas
ROLE: “The Nerd”
WHY: He’s gotten enough airtime that making it should be expected. He hasn’t hit a home run yet, but hitting doubles every time isn’t bad even if the show is going out of its way to make you look like poindexter.
SHOULD HE BE?: For some reason, his youth doesn’t bother me as much as some of the other contestants. A lot of it has to do with his composure and sound. He doesn’t look panicked on stage or like he’s a total good. He looks ready to front some pop-punk band that sells a billion albums, or downloads or whatever.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Total wild card. I could see his act failing to impact anyone and him getting passed over by all the other WGWGs, but the final spot could very well come down to him and Seavey. I’m rooting for him because I’d expect no fewer than two Weezer songs this season.

11) Michael Simeon
ROLE: “The Dreamboat”
WHY: With the amount of screen time and the J-Lo push – it’s no accident they’ve shown all her comments about him – he seems like a lock. Really the only reason he’s here and not up one category is the history of non-country white singers is not good.
SHOULD HE BE?: He puts asses in seats and there’s really no other true pop singers left that we’ve seen enough of to consider. Girls love this dude and that cannot be said enough. If you’ve looked into his eyes, you’d get it.
TOP 12 CHANCES: Based on the history of white pop singers, I’d say his chances are very low of getting out of the Top 24. HOWEVER, the J-Lo slow-dance and the comments she’s made about him cannot be ignored. Won’t surprise me either way. I’m rooting for him, but that’s solely based on him following me on Twitter.

12) Riley Bria
ROLE: “The Teen Dreamboat”
WHY: He’s a bad-ass Daniel Seavey and a younger Michael Simeon. We saw his original audition and he might have the most talent on the guitar of all the guys. I was going to put Quentin Alexander in this spot, but with Qaasim already in the Top 24, I can’t see two Eclectic Black Dudes making it.
SHOULD HE BE: You can make the argument either way. Personally, with him being so young, I’d prefer him not to be here and come back next season. That experience of Hollywood Week and a final audition can’t be ignored – unless you’re David Oliver Willis, who’s been thrown in the garbage by producers – the year after. Look at Caleb Johnson.
TOP 12 CHANCES: I don’t see it happening. From what we’ve seen, Idol is selling Seavey more and Riley’s barely been mentioned. He might be a last-seat cut for the Top 24 and that doesn’t often equate to much more.


1) Quentin Alexander
WHY: Really wanted to put him in because I love, love, love the potential. He’s got the right sound and the right attitude, but I just can’t see him and Qaasim being on the show together, especially if the producers are banking on Qaasim in the Top 12. Can’t have the Qs splitting votes. It’s a bummer because I really think he would have done some really cool stuff on stage.

2) Hollywood Anderson
WHY: He’s another candidate for my final shot. With who was easily identifiable in the video and who I think is in, I just don’t see a spot for Hollywood. Maybe over Beckham or Fradiani? I also didn’t see a man of his shape in the silhouettes, but I could be wrong. Maybe he dropped a ton of L.Bs and came to the live shows fit. He’s got a great sound and I think he’ll be a huge get if he comes back next year.

3) Reno Anoa’i
WHY: More like who? If you don’t remember Reno, he’s the guy who played the ukulele at his audition and we really haven’t seen much of him since. However, you don’t look that good and not make it close. If I had to guess he’ll end up in a sing-off or something with Quentin and Riley for the last spot. He’ll be cut, cry and come back next year with a free pass to Hollywood and an all-but-guarantee to the Top 12.

I’m breaking this into two posts because a) it will be easier for people who want to read about the girls to have their own link; and b) web traffic. NEED THOSE CLICKS.