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The Twist That Would Change American Idol Forever – Could It Happen? Let’s Hope So

The flaw in the voting system for American Idol is easier to spot than Ryan Seacrest at a Big & Tall store. You don’t vote someone out. The system, set up for fans… Continue reading

New Twitter twist on American Idol will change the game – and that’s not a good thing

I was innocently watching The Day After – hosted by Yahoo!’s Lyndsey Parker (who’s earned honorary DRI status) and former contestant Brandon Rogers – as I watched the NCAA Tournament (this is Dudes… Continue reading

American Idol Top 30 Performances of All Time: No. 5, Adam Lambert, “Mad World”

Every once in a while there’s a performance on American Idol that is so good words are just a waste of everyone’s time. You sit there, listen and enjoy to what’s in front… Continue reading

Coming today on Dudes Review Idol: Dadlife, then blogs. I promise.

Kids birthday parties are the worst, especially when you lose the coin flip and your spouse gets to drink and you have to mind the kids, the guests and clean up. TAILS NEVER… Continue reading

American Idol Top 30 Performances of All Time: No. 6, Jordin Sparks, “I (Who Have Nothing)”

Could the kid cut it? That was the biggest question about Jordin Sparks once she got into the Top 12 and it took her all of two weeks to prove she was a… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: What Clark Beckham, Daniel Seavey, Nick Fradiani, Quentin Alexander, Qaasim and Rayvon should sing for Kelly Clarkson week on American Idol

Not a good week to be a guy on American Idol. First off, none of them sounded this good in their audition. Based on what we saw last week, a guy is likely… Continue reading

The Dude Abides: What Jax, Joey Cook and Tyanna Jones should sing for Kelly Clarkson Week on American Idol

Next week could get ugly. It’s one thing taking a 20-30-year old song that was way overproduced when it was made, then stripping it down so it fits your style of music. That’s… Continue reading

Breaking It Down: 80s Night on American Idol goes as well as a Neon Shirt with a pair of Zubaz (PS That Means AWESOME)

So that was awesome, right? The Season 14 class continues to impress and while only two of the Idols were born in the 80s, they performed the hell out of the songs from… Continue reading

What We Missed: Recapping Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker’s performances from American Idol 80s Night

So with the new format comes a new blog. Last year I’d have performance recaps for everyone because everyone performed. This year, with the switch in American Idol’s format – which, BTW, I… Continue reading

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