Daily Archive: March 11, 2015

American Idol Top 12: A couple bad eggs don’t ruin Idol’s Golden Dozen

I don’t hate the Top 12. Could I do without Daniel Seavey? Sure. Does Maddie Walker’s inclusion feel forced because of her country background while Loren Lott, who was clearly better at every… Continue reading

Who’s making the American Idol Top 13? The Dude Who Knows Makes His Picks

It might end up being the saving grace of the show. With what we saw last week from the American Idol Top 16, I can confidently surmise there is no way America will… Continue reading

American Idol Girls Top 8: Well worth the wait, because the girls are making the guys look like a bunch of bitches

That was a welcomed changed. Usually girls night is one for dread which is why I loved when they’d perform the night before guys. I’d just get so drunk it wouldn’t matter how… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8 Guys: Better late than never, right?

It’s good to be home. No, no it’s not. While I will enjoy my American Idol night, I’d much rather be back in Key West in 80 degree weather than the slop where… Continue reading

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