American Idol Top 12: Contestants prove the death of Idol is greatly exaggerated (and PS I love Clark Beckham)

The night Clark Beckham Stole My Heart.

The night Clark Beckham Stole My Heart.

Throw the final results out for a second.

Tonight was pretty awesome, no?

Every performance wasn’t a home run, but we really saw who’s gonna be competing for the Season 14 title on American Idol and who’s probably going home before the snow melts in the northeast.

And we saw the rarest of sights – good Daniel Seavey. Total game changer.

This format is definitely different and because we as Americans hate change more than we hate (fill in thing you hate here), I gotta say – it’s not a terrible idea. This is a competition show and if you’re going to compete, you need to be ready at all times.

The negative to the new format is it cost us one of Season 14’s best voices. Sarina-Joi Crowe had the unfortunate pleasure of being called first last night, which was a double whammy – she led off, a spot that traditionally doesn’t do well in the voting, and then she didn’t perform well. There’s no doubt in my mind Sarina-Joi had a Top 5 voice; she’s better than Seavey, better than Nick Fradiani, better than Maddie Walker, better than even Rayvon Owen (who might be done next week). But when it mattered most, she couldn’t come up with a big performance and that is why she went home.

And before I get to the performances that had me leaping off the couch – and there were a couple – I need to talk about Maddie Walker.

I’m not Maddie’s biggest fan because country isn’t my thing. I haven’t seen her have a performance that’s blown me away except when she’s been called to the stage. If there’s pressure, this chick just blows people out of the water. She murdered that girl in the sing-off, killed it last night and tonight, having to prove that she isn’t just a cute face, she did a fucking terrific job. Loved her look (PS If she was my daughter there would be no fucking way I’m letting her on stage like that because dudes are perverts), loved and sound and I have a sneaky feeling she’s going to beat a lot of people that some think she shouldn’t.

So who won the night?

Like five people.

Joey Cook – awesome.
Clark Beckham – awesome.
Tyanna Jones – awesome.
Quentin Alexander – awesome.
Nick Fradiani – awesome.

I mean, Jax was almost as good as she’s been all season and but I’m not giving her an “awesome”
sticker. (Awesome Stickers copyright DudesReviewIdol) That’s how good these Top 5 were.

It was such a good night, Seavey brought it, which is weird to say because if you’ve been reading, you know I’m not a Seavey guy. Can’t deny the kid though – he did a song and didn’t look ready to crap himself or like he was seeing boobs for the first time. It was a good performance and totally changed my perception of him.

Quentin Alexander got a shit review from the judges, but that’s based on his reputation. I would have liked him to slow Adele down a bit, but he was still terrific.

I wasn’t surprised by Joey or Tyanna – who I refuse to believe is 16 – and I can’t speak fairly about Clark because of my man-crush and the fact that I love Michael McDonald and Yacht Rock more than anyone.

The biggest surprise was Nick. I was pretty confident he was safe when he and Sarina-Joi were left, but when he got up and sang? Good lord. I’ve said it all season – a comment which has been conveniently stolen by a few unnamed mainstream bloggers who pretend they don’t read this site – he’s a welfare Adam Levine and he’s gonna do well.

My winner for the night? It’s Clark. That’s total bias. Sorry. Tyanna was stupid good, but if McDonald and Tom Brady had a kid it would be Clark Beckham and I would totally divorce the wife and marry him. Great showing.

The loser for the night was Sarina-Joi, because the system sucks.

My bottom 3? Controversial, to say the least.

America’s votes will tell us it’s Rayvon, Adanna and, in a Gina Geena Jena Irene repeat, Jax. Adanna goes home and I continue to wonder why the fuck Qaasim doesn’t get bottom 3 when tonight he proved he can’t sing a lick. Drunk, I’ll say Rayvon is going home. Full predictions tomorrow tho.

I’ll have a complete breakdown of the performances tomorrow. Gotta go drink more and live tweet for the West Coast now. Don’t forget to find me on Vine and SnapChat – @dudesreviewidol.