Maddie Walker almost dies, manages to dominate on American Idol

No comment. Still not 18. #JBAS

No comment. Still not 18. #JBAS

SOURCE –The last remaining country American Idol finalist will perform on Thursday night. Season 14 mentor Scott Borchetta tells Taste of Country that Maddie Walker still doesn’t know what put her in the hospital for several days last weekend, but it wasn’t a ruptured appendix. That rumor was started by fellow contestant Savion Wright, who posted on Twitter that Walker’s appendix ruptured last Thursday (March 12). “That’s inaccurate, premature and trying to get more Twitter followers,” Borchetta tells Taste of Country, laughing. That’s not to say Walker’s condition wasn’t serious. She showed signs of illness during last week’s rehearsal — at one point, she was completely laid out on her back, getting attention from medical staff. Everyone but Walker thought it was the flu, and she spent several days in the hospital receiving treatment and antibiotics. “She still doesn’t know what it is,” Borchetta says. “She’s still feeling a little bit weird but a ton better than last week. We really don’t know what it was, but there was something around her appendix that was irritated.”

An irritated appendix and Maddie still performed? If I have an irritated appendix, my kids are on their own if the wife ain’t home. I’m not moving an inch, and I’m a grown-ass man (sort of).

List off the favorites on Season 14 of American Idol – Tyanna Jones. Jax. Clark Beckham. Joey Cook. Quentin Alexander. Are they better than Maddie? Yep.

Do they have the compete level? That’s questionable.

At this point I’m convinced she’s the Terminator. Savion Wright tweets out she had her appendix removed, a denial comes out, but the point remains – a 17-year old girl was in horrible pain last week and performed almost as well as anyone.

Is there anyone else you’d want on your team if a Pitch Perfect sing-off broke out? Maddie’s already murdered one contestant and last week sang her ass off after everyone in the country thought she was as good as dead, which based on what you believe, was almost literally true.

She’s fearless and if American Idol was sports, there’d be all sorts of movies being written about Miss Walker. She’s Michael Jordan vs. Utah, Willis Reed vs. Los Angeles, Curt Schilling vs. New York.

Basically, she’s the toughest damn thing going and when the others aren’t looking, she’s doing anything to win.

So what will she bring to the table Thursday? Here’s hoping she goes the intimidation route – she gets pushed out to the sitting area in a wheelchair with an IV attached wearing some sort of cape. When she gets called – and she’d better get called – they push her out on stage. Lights drop off, a spot light hits and the first note hits.

BOOM. She tosses the cape and goes bananas. At the end, someone pulls a James Brown and puts the cape back on her as she finishes up, sits in the wheelchair and gets pushed backstage as Seacrest, in horror, watches Maddie perform her own appendectomy.