The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 10 should sing for 80s week – Adanna Duru

That dress tho.

That dress tho.

Adanna Duru
WHAT SHE SHOULD SING: “ On The Wings of Love,” Jeffrey Osbourne
With her recent rise in performances, I’m ready for Adanna to go balls out with her voice. Just chase something that requires blazing vocals.

The obvious choice seems like Whitney, but if she sings Whitney she can stamp her ticket home. Singing Whitney is, 9 times out of 10, a bad idea. With Adanna being toward the back of the pack, she can’t afford to sing Whitney and not kill it. That’s the problem with singing huge songs – you mess up, pack your bags. No save. See ya.

If I had to guess, she’s going to do a Disney movie ballad (loved the idea of her singing “Somewhere Out There” from Fievel, which was done by Jermaine Jones before his arrest record became public and that version was also purchased by yours truly because BFBGWS), but I’d love to see her take on Jeffrey Osborne.

Listen to the vocal. It’s big, but not crazy big. It’s a song everyone has heard and nobody hates. You can’t hate Jeffrey Osborne. It’s impossible.

If I’m being completely honest though, I’d prefer her to sing this Osborne track because I love the shit out this song:

However, the only people who know that song are serious Osborne fans and people who love ESPN’s John Buccigross, who always references in Rockets’ highlights starring James Harden and his Osborn-esque beard. So while I would love it if she did “You Should Be Mine” solely for my entertainment, methinks it would not be the best strategic choice for Miss Duru.

This is a big week for Adanna and I’m hoping she gets the chance to perform. Like I said, this is the song for her, but if you’re betting in Vegas put big $$$ down on “How Do I Know” by Whitney and expect a lot of neon in her dress (and for comedic effect, white powder around her nose. Too soon?)