The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 10 should sing for 80s Week – Clark Beckham

Yeah, like I wasn't going to use the picture from him playing McDonald.

Yeah, like I wasn’t going to use the picture from him playing McDonald.

Clark Beckham
WHAT HE SHOULD SING: “Never Tear Us Apart,” INXS
Beckham could do the easy thing and bang out another McDonald song – which I’m not against, trust me, because “I Keep Forgettin’” would allow him to sing and then rap “Regulate” over it – but I wanted to find something that would fit his style and voice and not be just for me, even if I’m just imagine him singing to me anyway (not in a weird way, though).

So INXS isn’t exactly happy and chipper and while this song is awesome, if he did it like the Aussies wrote it, everyone would fall asleep/cut themselves/wear eye makeup and mope while smoking cigarettes during fifth period.

I found about nine other songs I wanted him to take on, but then I found this version of the INXS classic. It’s from the Voice UK, which I’m OK with because it’s England and not that garbage on NBC here in the only country that matters. Plus, Will.I.Am is in it and he’s got that boom boom pow. (But his boom boom pow isn’t nearly as big as Tom Jones)

I couldn’t tell if this is really awesome or if I was being biased because it’s being sung by a big fat white guy (I’m a huge fan of BFWGWS, but not nearly as much as BFBGWS), but then I realized I’m a fucking genius when it comes to this stuff so it was awesome.

Clark’s really the only guy with the pipes to handle something like this. He’s clearly better looking a better singer than Ash Morgan, so I need his voice on this song.

So what happened the last time I got in Clark Beckham’s head? He performed his balls off. NEVER FORGET.

That’s right, he killed it but forgot to say “thanks to the random blogger who mentioned McDonald.” After he crushes this out next week, I expect a shout out and then I’m flying out to LA so we can be best bros forever.

The end.