The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 10 Should Sing for 80s Week – Daniel Seavey

Seavey was barely alive for the 90s, nevermind the 80s.

Seavey was barely alive for the 90s, nevermind the 80s.

Daniel Seavey
WHAT HE SHOULD SING: “King of Wishful Thinking,” Go West
The scariest part of the “80s Week” theme is Seavey because he was born almost a full decade after the 80s ended. I was freaking out about colleges and boom, Seavey is born. I’m so old I want to puke.

There is going to be a huge temptation for Seavey to cover one of the many boy band songs or something by Michael Jackson. I cannot say this loud enough: NO NO NO.

Here’s what Seavey has to deal with: teenage girls love him and nobody else does. So this week he has to figure out how to get people to vote for him.

My first inclination was to have him sing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” because it would be hilarious. Then I remembered it’s OK to be funny but only if you’re not trying to be funny. J-Lo, Harry Connick and Keith Urban will let you get away with a lot, but if you do something that might be close to mocking the show, you’re going home. The stage is a sacred place and they will not have it desecrated by someone singing something in a joking manner.

So Seavey needs to find a song he can pull off that will sound cool to all his teenage fans and get adults to get on the #SaveSeavey voting campaign. Enter Go West:

This song is awesome because it’s about as 80s as it gets. Scary thing is, the lead singer from Go West still brings the heat.

I mean, I know this footage is from four years ago, but that’s still 22 years after it was originally record. And for a guy who sings that high to maintain his voice? Insane.

Now I don’t want young Daniel doing an exact version, because that’s super lame (I’d also like him to change his wardrobe because last week he dressed up like it was 80s Week and he didn’t even know it. Like I mentioned, LOOK AT THE OLD GUY OVER HERE). I love this cover I found and think Seavey can use it as a baseline and really do a terrific job with the song.

Originally I wanted Clark Beckham to do this song because I love this cover so much. I thought Rayvon Owen might be able to pull it off and was set to give Daniel Seavey Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” so he could troll everybody with The Cure’s MTV Unplugged version of “Just Like Heaven.” Listen:

If Seavey did The Cure, the backlash would be immediate. While I am the cool frat guy in an Idol blogging world and wouldn’t care, most Idol bloggers are serious about music and music snobs do not let hacks touch The Cure. He’d be fighting a losing cause unless he performed with wild and crazy hair like Robert Smith and put together the best performance in Idol history.

Since that wasn’t going to happen – although I still don’t hate the idea of taking on The Cure – King of Wishful Thinking is a winner. It’s an amazingly fun song and people will remember it instantly, especially the older mom crowd that loves the shit out of Pretty Woman.

After last week’s performance, he might not step foot on stage Wednesday, but I’m hoping he does and sings the shit out of this.

(PS “But this song wasn’t released until 1990.” Stop it. The song was recorded in 1989, probably would have been released earlier but they were saving it for the Pretty Woman soundtrack. If the song is recorded in the 80s, it’s an 80s song. It’s not like two years ago when the category was “Songs of 2013” and they were performing songs that were released in the summer of 2012, or when it’s “Country Week” and some chick inevitably does Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You.” Song was recorded in the 80s, debate over.)