The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 10 Should Sing For 80s Week – Joey Cook

If we don't see a squeeze box this week, there are going to be Tears (for Fears).

If we don’t see a squeeze box this week, there are going to be Tears (for Fears).

Joey Cook
WHAT SHE SHOULD SING: “Where Is My Mind,” The Pixies
This is the one I had the hardest time with because Joey might be the first contestant since Adam Lambert where song choice is completely meaningless. She’s not doing replicas, she’s just doing Joey so really it doesn’t matter what song she picks (and while they’re terrific, I’d avoid covering NWA because dropping N-bombs probably won’t endure you to the crowd. Or humanity. Would be a hell of a twist though).

If you think you don’t know this song, you do. It’s the song at the end of Fight Club and it’s pretty friggin fantastic. I really thought Alex Preston should have done it last year because he was made for it, but he went with someone more popular instead of the indie band.

Because I’m pretty sure Joey has Pixies bootlegs, I wouldn’t be shocked if she had this in her mind from the start. I mean, just listen to their version and tell me this isn’t made for Joey Cook:

OK, don’t think she can do that? What about something like this, but with a little more Joey in it?

What you need to remember is judges get massive music boners when chicks do dude songs or dudes sing chick songs. As long as you don’t get too crazy, you’re going to get a killer critique and I’m buying the shit out it on iTunes.

Originally I had this down for Joey, then thought it would be cool for Quentin Alexander (same with girls singing guys songs, when black dudes sing white dude songs, music boners for all), but the more I listen to it it’s perfect for Joey. Another option was a-Ha’s “Take on Me” done similar to Reel Big Fish’s version, but that’s almost too predictable, plus I wanted to save that song for someone else.

With the Pixies, Joey will break out the squeeze box, Ryan can make a dated Fight Club joke and iTunes will get all my money. Pretty much a win, win, win.

OR, in a truly Joey move, she sings “Mad World” again and giggles and smiles when she talks about it and nobody says a word.