The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 10 Should Sing For 80s Week – Tyanna Jones

Tyanna has been coming in strong with 80s hair since the start, so that's covered

Tyanna has been coming in strong with 80s hair since the start, so that’s covered

Tyanna Jones
WHAT SHE SHOULD SING: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
Wait, what?

Yeah, I know I’ve said do not go after the legends because it rarely ends well. I know I said Adanna Duru shouldn’t sing Whitney because if it goes bad, she’d go home. “That’s the problem with singing huge songs – you mess up, pack your bags. No save. See ya,” is what I said.

Well it’s a little different with Tyanna Jones.

Even with no save available, I think she’s in real good standing. Even after last week’s slip-up – and I use that term loosely – she’s in a spot right now where she can really vault herself to the top, remain a Top 5 or take a chance, survive regardless and then come back next week to re-establish herself.

Picking Whitney songs isn’t easy because if you miss on her big notes you’re not going to sound good. The thing about this song is it’s not loaded like some of her later hits. Remember, this is Whitney still trying to make some money, not trying to sing her balls off because she can. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like they rolled her out there and overproduced her to make her sound good. Whitney Houston has a perfect voice and this song is perfect.

But “Dance” isn’t “I Will Always Love You” or “Greatest Love of All.” It’s doable and Tyanna Jones is the perfect contestant to go after it.

First off, she’s got the stage presence. She’s shown she can run and jump and do all the fun stuff and it looks natural. She’s comfortable doing it. With this song, you need to do it to really sell the thing.

I think Tyanna pulls it off. Her confidence and vocal ability give her a decided edge and like I said, barring a disaster I don’t think she’s capable of, she’s not going home. If she performs bad, it’s going to require eight others (check my math please) for her to go home. I like her odds there.

If Tyanna steps up and drills Dance perfectly, she vaults to the top of the pack and this is about the time when the winner of the show usually shows up. With Clark Beckham, Quentin Alexander and Joey Cook stealing the spotlight the last two weeks, Jax coming back last week and Nick Fradiani slowly getting noticed (hunk city), Tyanna needs to get everyone to notice her performances and not the fact she’s a young kid who’s pretty damn good.

PS It should be noted that I considered this for a moment

Two problems arose, the first being the song is from the 1970s.

The second problem is the song matter, because there is no planet where it’s appropriate for a 16-year old girl to change the lyrics of a song like that and sing it from a woman’s perspective.

But it would be super badass.