Coming today on Dudes Review Idol: Dadlife, then blogs. I promise.

My day.

My day.

Kids birthday parties are the worst, especially when you lose the coin flip and your spouse gets to drink and you have to mind the kids, the guests and clean up. TAILS NEVER FAILS MY ASS.

So here’s the schedule – off to pre-preschool with the kiddos, back home, writing the Dudes Review Idol Top 30 blog, hope to have it posted after lunch.

From there, a blog on a rule change that’s going to change Idol and piss everybody off who’s not a teenager and I’ll close the day with a blog on a change that I really think Idol should try for next year. WARNING: It’s a little Voice-y.

If anyone has any blog tips, ideas, etc., you know where to find me. (PASTING PAPER TOGETHER LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER)