New Twitter twist on American Idol will change the game – and that’s not a good thing

Good call, Idol producers. Good. Call.

Good call, Idol producers. Good. Call.

I was innocently watching The Day After – hosted by Yahoo!’s Lyndsey Parker (who’s earned honorary DRI status) and former contestant Brandon Rogers – as I watched the NCAA Tournament (this is Dudes Review Idol, after all; gotta do dude stuff once in a while) when Parker said something that made me stop paying attention to Kentucky crushing West Virginia and immediately start pouring through the Google machine.

I missed it during the live show (thanks, booze) but Parker there is going to be a Twitter save, where you can tweet to save a contestant. Exact details aren’t available, or at least not through my searches, which to steal a phrase from nobody in particular, is complete bullshit.

This is Example A of why Idol needs to lay out the rules at the start of the season, because my professional journalist BS meter is off the charts right now. I’m guessing this was created 10 or 15 minutes after the save was used on Qaasim Middleton because Pers Blankens, Scott Borchetta and Co. realized if they don’t have a fail safe in case one of the Top 5 – Quentin Alexander, Clark Beckham, Joey Cook, Jax, Tyanna Jones – gets booted in the next two weeks, the show is going to suffer.

Problem is, this created a massive loophole because there is no way Daniel Seavey or Qaasim isn’t getting this save. In fact, this had better be a one-time deal because if not, the show is never going to end. Fans will bombard Twitter to save their favorite and while everybody in the Twitterverse loves being negative, I don’t see enough people caring enough to tweet #SendNickHome or whoever the contestant may be.

So this is another terrible twist, although still not as bad as last year’s SamSpiracy when they told the contestants they could all survive if everyone agreed, but otherwise someone was going home. Everyone new Sam Woolf was headed out the door and Alex Preston stabbed him in the back with probably my most favorite competitive move ever.

Again, I’m all for twists and turns during a season, but on a competition show you cannot just spring them out when you feel like it. Don’t sit there with a straight face and tell me this magical save wasn’t created because nobody was expecting the judges to blow their wad that early in the season.

For everything Idol does right, they do something wrong like this and even in a season where the talent’s as good as it’s been, it’s really messing with my enjoyment of the show. What’s next – a save for anyone whose name rhymes with Maniel, Paseem or Flowy?

Figure it out Idol. Figure. It. Out.

PS If you’re a fan of Idol, you need to watch “The Day After.” It’s pretty much how I would break it down, except I’d be hammered and probably swear a ton. I would embed the video, but WordPress is giving me the big FU. This is why I’ll be on a different host next year.