BREAKING: American Idol’s “Twitter Fan Save” Twist was made up midseason, according to mentor Scott Borchetta

Borchetta pretty much admitting the Twitter Fan Save wasn't part of the original rules.

Borchetta pretty much admitting the Twitter Fan Save wasn’t part of the original rules.

The rumors have always been out there.

Now we have some proof they’re true.

For years there’s been talks about American Idol producers changing the rules or adding twists in order to correct mistakes by the judges, voting public or to just advance a contestant they want to win.

When host Ryan Seacrest announced there would be a twist involving Twitter last week, few were surprised to hear of a “shocking new twist.” When the details finally came out early this week, there were internet grumblings about Idol producers creating the save in order to draw in a younger audience and protect a contestant, perhaps a younger one, or to have it in place of the judges’ save that was used on Qaasim Middleton.

Turns out, this wasn’t part of the original plan.

Replying to internet radio host Zip Allen, Idol mentor Scott Borchetta said “Because the Judge Save was used so early, we had to re-think.”

You can probably find six different ways to read that quote, but there is one that is obvious – producers (and you might as well as throw in Borchetta) were not happy about the judges using a save so early and are concerned one of the favorites will go home.

My guess? Daniel Seavey has way more traction than they’re letting off. They’re concerned about Joey Cook or Quentin Alexander going home and are hoping if it comes down to a head-to-head showdown between one of the Fab Five – Joey, Quentin, Clark Beckham, Tyanna Jones and Jax – and anyone else, the Fab Five would be saved by America.

The worst part of this is it confirms fans’ worst fears – American Idol isn’t on the up-and-up. They make rules at the start of the show and change them at will, kind of like the Hunger Games. Which was bullshit and made me furious.

Hopefully no Idol will have to threaten to eat poison berries to get this show back on track.