One Idol is singing “Light My Fire” on American Idol’s ‘Arena Anthems’ Week as Idol proves it doesn’t know what ‘Arena Anthems’ means either

Are these guys "megastars?" Because I don't think anyone knows their names.

Are these guys “megastars?” Because I don’t think anyone knows their names.

The second the words “Arena Anthems” flowed from Ryan Seacrest’s perfectly chapsticked mouth (just assuming) it was clear this so-called theme was going to be followed with the loosest of interpretations, because there’s several:

1) Songs that they play at actual sporting events, which would be hilarious because tradition ‘Jock Jam’ songs are more about the bass, no treble.

2) As Idol said, songs played by ‘megastars’ at ‘sold out arenas,’ which means names you know. That’s a hell of a lot of music to choose from.

3) My personal interpretation was bands from the top-selling tours of 2014. Just made it easier.

So with no one outside of the precious Idol circle having a clue as to what type of songs are going to be played, Idol innocently tweeted this:

If you check out the song sheet on the bottom, you can clearly see “Light My Fire” which is either a song someone – probably Quentin Alexander – is performing this week or whoever runs the Idol twitter feed is screwing with everyone (I really hope that’s the case).

I don’t understand how “Light My Fire” fits under an “Arena Anthem.” It’s not played at sporting events, The Doors aren’t exactly megastars because Jim Morrison is dead, which really prevented them from being a top-selling tour last year.

If Idol’s going to keep playing loosey-goosey with the themes, get rid of them. That would be a horrible idea, so just come up with a theme, let the contestants try to pick a song that fits, then give them a yes or no.

I take all of this back if Quentin sings this dressed like a black Jim Morrison, complete with tight black leather pants, and grabs his junk during the performance as he stares at the camera singing “girl we couldn’t get much HIGH-er.”