American Idol’s Scott Borchetta explains why he tweets in all CAPS, murders me at the same time

It took less than 140 characters for Scott Borchetta to earn boss status.

When older rich folk take to Twitter, there are bound to be countless social media faux pas and Borchetta is the king of them because all the dude does is fire off tweets in CAPS. All CAPS. All the time.

So instead of picturing a calm, well-spoken CEO, all I picture is Borchetta the Party Animal, ripping lines of blow and mainlining booze into his system while he sits with his iPhone 10 (available to only the biggest of ballers) to send out 140 characters of HOW AWESOME HE’S FEELING. When you type in ALL CAPS, that’s the picture you paint.

The big question is why? You have to go out of your way to type in all caps, unless Borchetta has some sort of CEO Diamond Phone that’s not available to poor folk (possible). Maybe he hires someone to physically tweet for him, like Larry King does, and the poor kid is frazzled and can’t stop locking the up arrow.

Or maybe he’s just trolling the shit out of everybody.

So Saturday I was casually crushing drinks and writing “The Dude Abides” columns (Read one HERE and the other HERE) when Borchetta sent out the above tweet – in ALL CAPS. Of course he did. I sent off a snarky comment, because that’s what I do, and a drunk minute later (time ceases to exist when I’m in a groove), this happened.

Borchetta 1, Dudes Review Idol 0. I was DOA the second I read it.

He’s officially earned boss status. I congratulated him for dunking on my face and he showed he’s a pretty good dude.

So I’m done busting Borchetta’s balls about the CAPS thing.

Maybe one day when I get some FU money I can learn the ways.

PS I have no idea who the older woman in the middle is, but yes, I would.